Hand Analysis Video- PEOPLE ON PURPOSE- Courtney Van Drehle and Bela Balogh

Jan 8, 2014 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Hand Analysis Video

Ronelle Coburn looks at the hands of Courtney Van Drehle and Bela Balogh,
members of the band 3 Leg Torso.

Here’s what they had to say after seeing their videos:
Bela: “Wow! You completely nailed it!”
Courtney: “Thanks for taking us on a tour of our lives through our hands.
I’m giving you a big high five!”

In three parts this time…


Here they are on youtube!


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  • Well done Ronelle description and perfect fit. Saturn and Venus bring a lot of fidelity too. High fidelity music. :) Walt Disney had a Right Jupiter and Right Apollo purpose too. With loops, when you take off your mask you shine. Opening your heart is the key to being a leader and when you find your niche you can show your talents to the world.

  • Thank you, Ronelle, for this energized presentation. You inventively demonstrate how the hand prints speak through life and the dynamic interchange involved. What a lively intro to our 2014!