Search For Purpose or Wait On the Universe?

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One of our community members asked…

“Would you have any suggestions
regarding how one can find their
purpose in life, their true calling?
Or should we just let it go and allow
the Universe to take it’s course
through us?”


This is a BIG question that I wrote about in my book. Here’s an excerpt from Life Purpose Now: It’s In Your Fingerprints as answer…

fingerprints-life-purpose hand analysis

Fingerprints, Free Will, and Destiny

“At the dawn of the new millennium we need to understand that DNA prints and fingerprints are ultimately just reflections of something far deeper—the Soul Print.”
MARC GAFNI, Soul Prints

You Have a Destiny and You Can Know It

For millennia, humans have been searching for the meaning of life and have wondered about their destiny. And although the meaning of life as a whole remains a mystery, the particular meaning of your life—your Life Purpose—doesn’t have to be a secret.

Just as all living and natural things develop according to the pattern of what they are, you also have a blueprint for your life’s unfolding in accordance with who you are. An acorn grows into an oak tree, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. What is different about humans is the capacity to choose what we do—whether it is in accordance with our true being or not.

You have a Life Purpose—a particular state of consciousness or sense of being you yearn to live in during every moment of your life—which generates your ultimate sense of fulfillment. Your singular Life Purpose is available to you as soon as you are ready to choose to inhabit it. There are only two things in question:

  • Will you choose to know it?
  • Will you choose to live it?

If you are longing to know the inner purpose of your life so you can choose to live it, this book is expressly for you. It is finally possible for you to know your Life Purpose because it is eloquently written in the language of your unique fingerprints. You’ve been carrying the answer to the question of the meaning of life—your life—around with you since five months before you were born, when your fingerprints were formed. All you need to do is translate the meaning of your fingerprints, the meaning of your life, into English, and this book will teach you how to do it. Knowing who you want to be and, as an outgrowth of this, what you yearn to do is the most valuable thing you can ever possess—the missing key to becoming fully integrated with your authentic self.

Most people are familiar with the fact that your fingerprints identify you as physically unique, yet this was discovered relatively recently in the late 1800s. Criminal investigative work and our understanding of each person’s individuality have been revolutionized by the study of the patterns carved into our skin at the tips of our fingers. These patterns are called dermatoglyphs (literally “skin carvings”) and law enforcement agents utilize the microscopic patterns (called pattern minutiae) forming the individual ridges of the fingerprints to physically identify people.

When you stop for a moment and ponder the fact that we each have a built-in system of individual physical identification, a personal tagging system, it is a wonder to behold. In the 1880s an entire world was discovered in the fingerprints, and the power of this information has changed the way people think about themselves as individuals. Now that we are familiar with these facts, they seem natural. Of course our fingerprints show who we are physically, and of course the image of a fingerprint has come to represent the idea of individuality. The marks your fingertips leave behind are your personal physical signature.

And given that fingerprints say so much about who we are physically, and are seen as a reflection of our DNA, it’s been suspected that our fingerprints may tell us more about ourselves as a natural matter of course. All phenomena have identifiable patterns or structures—from bird calls to heartbeats to molecules—unique signatures that indicate something about their essential nature. Much study and research is conducted to identify these patterns and what they tell us about ourselves and everything in the world around us.

I regularly come across quotes that make an implicit connection between fingerprints and the core of who we are (our inner patterns, uniqueness, signatures, or marks), which extends beyond the physical. There is a collective “hunch” emerging about fingerprints that sees them as the next missing link to be unraveled between science and consciousness, between body and soul or psyche. And guess what? The collective hunch is right, and this link has already been decoded.

free will, destiny, fingerprints, scientific hand analysisDestiny, Free Will, and Choice

Though your Life Purpose was carved into your hands in the form of fingerprints, fully formed just sixteen weeks after you were conceived, and you were born with a set of personality characteristics, it is up to you to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to move toward the fulfillment of your Life Purpose. You have your own free will and only you have the power to use it or refuse it. Your “destiny” is the Life Purpose and personality traits you were born with, and your “free will” is your willingness to accept and work with what you’ve got even if it’s not what you think you want. Like a card game, you’ve got a specific hand to play, you’ve even drawn a joker as one of your cards, but what’s really important is the way you accept and work with the cards you’ve got. It’s up to you to turn your seeming disadvantages into advantages, to play your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. This requires you to become aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are in the first place. You make your own decisions and choices about how you play your hand of cards. No one else can play for you. You can strategize, hedge your bets, bluff, and make mistakes. You can sit and refuse to play because it seems too hard or you’re afraid you won’t “win.” You can try different ways of doing things until you figure out what works for you and advances you along. As with any game, it helps immeasurably if you know what game you’re playing and what its object is. When you know what you’re aiming for and working with, you can make better decisions and take better actions on your own behalf. You can improve your own life skills. When you know what point of the game you’re at, while keeping your eye on the big picture, you can navigate more skillfully. You can see where you started, where you are, and where you’re headed, and thus greatly enhance your chances of reaching your optimal state of being, which is to be absolutely, undeniably, and blissfully yourself.

choose to live your purposeYou also begin to see that there is no other game in town but your own, and there’s nothing better to do than to follow your own rules, the truth of your own unique path. You begin to realize that the more you try to play other people’s games, the more you are wasting your precious time and energy, indeed your precious life, and there’s no way to win. All of the energy you’ve got to apply to cultivating yourself gets tied up in trying to be something you aren’t and prevents you from reaping the satisfaction of being true to who you are. Besides, the world needs your unique contribution and if you choose not to make it you lose your sense of purpose in life and the world misses out. Just imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. had decided that it wasn’t okay to be angry about race relations and chose not to speak up about it. Think about the internal and external pressure he faced to keep quiet and not rock the boat. Think about the sense of purpose he must have had every morning when he got up. He knew what to do in a deeply meaningful, inspired way, and it was clear to him that there was nothing else to do with his life. Now think about how the world would be different today if he had not embraced and embodied his Life Purpose. Imagine how much more backward the world would be, how many more people would still be suffering high levels of racism if he had not chosen to embrace his Life Purpose of Mentorship, which required him to help the world come into integrity with itself, if he had succumbed to the external pressures and not played his own game nor been his true self.

It is no different for you. Although you have a destiny you also have free will. You can choose to discover the inner purpose of your life, your Life Purpose, and choose to realize it… or not. As human beings we all live in the realm of free will and have the capacity to shape and create our lives through the choices we make. When you work to create a life in line with your Life Purpose it may not always be easy, but it’s always extremely rewarding. As Nietzsche said, “If I have a why, I can live with any how.” And in psychology there is a saying, “Insight plus ten cents buys you a cup of coffee!” Knowing your Life Purpose isn’t enough to just make it happen, you must choose to do something about it and gain experience, one step at a time.

choose a life of purposeChoosing It

So, once you know your Life Purpose and decide to embody it, what does it take to live it? Once you’ve accepted the Life Purpose you’ve signed up for, it doesn’t automatically follow that everything is just a piece of cake, although a deeper sense of gratification is sure to emerge rapidly. We live in a culture that constantly promises instant gratification (or presents the illusion of it). Everyone desires “instant” and effortless everything; instant prosperity or riches, effortless romantic relationships, weight loss without physical exertion or personal restraint, painless personal growth, and every other form of “happily ever after.” And who can blame us? Planet Earth, with its beauty and endless possibilities, also has its harsh challenges and hardships. I, for one, wish I didn’t have to do half the work necessary to run my own business and overcome my various fears of failure (and success), and I ache with the desire that everyone would be able to fulfill their highest potential. I wish that no one was starving, that war was unnecessary, and that everyone had a happy childhood. But wishing alone doesn’t make any of this so. In order to inhabit your Life Purpose, you need to be willing to engage and embrace the following rules of life:

risk a life of purposeCOURAGE AND RISK

You must be willing to get out your courage. As Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Macbeth says, “But screw your courage to the sticking-place, And we’ll not fail.” You have to be willing to try new things, be willing to be uncomfortable in stepping out of your familiar (inner and outer) places and routines, and take risks. There is no ultimate guarantee of success, but if you don’t give it a shot then you’ve failed by default. Remember when you were a child and you wanted something badly but were afraid to ask for it because Mom or Dad could say no? Well, if you didn’t ask, then you’d already told yourself no and shut down the possibility of getting it. So what’s the big risk? You might as well ask for what you want. Same with your Life Purpose—you might as well go for it. There really isn’t anything else to do. Much of the satisfaction of living your Life Purpose comes from the process of doing what it takes to step into it. There is unparalleled satisfaction in owning the fact that you are the choice maker in your life, and also in taking the risk to make decisions, put yourself on the line, and see what happens. “No risk, no return,” and “Failing to risk is risking to fail!” both become obviously true when stepping into your Life Purpose.


As adults, most of us expect to be instantly good at things and give up too easily when we are unable to do something perfectly right away. I have heard so many clients with the Artist Life Purpose painfully say, “I think I’m creative, but I tried to paint once and wasn’t any good at it.” Usually, they do literally mean that they tried to paint one time and were discouraged when they did not paint a masterpiece the first time out. What strikes me is that my clients who say such things are deadly serious, convinced that they really are not truly creative (or powerful, or communicative, etc.) based on only one brief experience. Repeatedly I hear myself asking, “What would you say if I asked you to put on a pair of ice skates, get on the ice, and do a double jump—right now?” Their eyes get big or the phone line is silent for a moment, and then they reply, “I’d tell you I don’t know how to do that. You’re crazy!” It is unreasonable of me to ask someone to do a complex physical task with no prior experience or practice, and I always ask my clients why they expect themselves to be expert at doing things that they haven’t practiced. Realizing your Life Purpose requires patience with yourself as you learn how to inhabit it more fully through persistent practice over time. Just because you have a Life Purpose doesn’t mean you are automatically masterful at it, but inhabiting your Life Purpose—even (and especially) the parts that are hard to learn—is what makes your life feel meaningful. You must patiently persist at practicing the various elements of your Life Purpose so you can inhabit it more and more fully over time. Be like the skater who learns how to stand on the skates, then walk on them, then stroke on them, then spin, then jump, and who then works very very hard to do it all to the highest level he or she is capable of (with many falls expected on the ice along the way). Be patient and practice with persistence!

life purpose now, ronelle coburn, IIHA, richard unger, hand analysisSo, are you ready to LEARN your LIFE PURPOSE so you can DO what it takes to LIVE it?!  It takes a combination of effort and trust, doing and waiting, and a lot of practice making decisions and gaining life experience to be able to live into your highest potential.  Free Will and Fate/Destiny live together and work hand-in-hand.  But if you don’t know WHAT you and your life are all about, how can you move yourself in the right direction so you can fulfill your true calling?  If you wait only then you may well be waiting for nothing and be blown around by other people, the times we live in, and the expectations of society.  And there is one way to know your purpose for sure.  It’s written in your own unique fingerprints, if you have the courage to find out and then do everything you can to live it!