From happy customers

“Ronelle is an absolute expert on helping you learn your life purpose and live it–what could be more important than that?”

Richard Unger, Founder
LifePrints Hand Analysis
International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA)

Consultation Reviews

“When Ronelle looked at my fingers and said that the most important thing I could do was focus on that one thing, and that my life’s purpose was to be a Master Communicator with a Message to the World, I was relieved and challenged. So, I focused down, going deeper and deeper into my love which is writing books, and more specifically fiction. That focus combined with my love of teaching has brought me where I am today. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Ronelle’s extremely direct and insightful reading of my hands.Thank you, Ronelle. You touched my life tremendously 12 years ago. I am forever grateful.”

Beth Barany
Author & Book Writing Coach

“I had a reading with Ronelle six years ago and it was amazing, insightful and life-changing. It helped to clarify so much for me that I sensed, but didn’t have words or a framework for. Ronelle’s clear and practical analysis made a profound difference for me and instilled me with confidence to move in a direction more in alignment with who I truly am. Knowing my purpose (to be Spiritual Teacher In The Spotlight) and the lessons I’m here to learn around Power and using my Voice, all continue to inspire and inform me. I still go back and re-listen to the recording each year – and learn more each time. So much wisdom and so many gems were conveyed. Ronelle is a master – and I feel blessed to have received a reading from her.  Thank you! Your reading was pivotal for me.”

Shannon Jackson Arnold
Life & Creativity Coach

“I’ve often been told I know myself well. After a full life purpose reading with Ronelle, everything I thought I knew was magnified and amplified 100 times. Ronelle described those things about myself that I couldn’t quite see in concrete, inspiring terminology. Ronelle has a rare gift of translating abstract concepts and getting directly at the heart of who we are.”

Carrie Obry
Executive Director
Midwest Independent Booksellers Association

“Thank you so much for an enlightening session. I find it fascinating that the things you were looking at actually happened last year, and that I am already doing some of the things you suggest. You have certainly made it more clear for me, what path of my life I should focus on. Now I “just” have to jump into one boat and enjoy the ride. My mind is full of your words from yesterday and many plans are taking shape.

Karin Krogh

My life purpose session gave me the boost that I needed to finish two books and put myself out there. Thank you! Thank you! Just what I needed at the perfect time.”

Susanna McMahon
Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist
Author of The Portable Therapist

“Making strides after our three sessions together. It really is ‘the gift that keeps on giving” as I find more and more each time I listen to the recordings or read my notes. I feel I haven’t yet scratched the surfaces of the implications to my life and would recommend the process to anyone. I feel more fearless and that is worth gold!”

Jocelyn Leach
Yoga Teacher and Mind Body Wellness Coach

“I have been listening to our session, and it is so helpful. Based on the analysis that I am a woman of wisdom who needs to be in the spotlight sharing my wisdom, but also needing to get over my fear of rejection. I have been able to more successfully focus on ‘owning’ and enjoying my presence and position in the classroom, much to the benefit of all involved. My students and I are having a richer experience due to the increased confidence I am projecting! Yaay!”

Jodina Lynn Hahn
Italian Language Teacher and School Owner

I felt so grateful, excited and at peace at the same time after our call. It was really HUGE for me. I love so much this idea that everything is written in our hands, life is so beautiful and powerful! You have a FANTASTIC job! How great would it be if everyone could have their hands analyzed! I’m looking forward to listening to the call and to putting what I’ve learned into PRACTICE.”

Carole Walsser

“I am deeply impressed with the hand analysis I recently received from Ronelle. I was somewhat skeptical originally. However, Ronelle’s intuitive abilities, sophisticated understanding of psychological issues, and contemporary understanding of hands allowed her to immediately identify many of my personality structures and self-defeating patterns. Over the course of the session, Ronelle used humor and compassion to give me new insight and understanding of many deep personal issues. I would recommend a session with Ronelle for anyone seriously interested in a powerful tool for self-exploration and change.”

Tim Lajoie

“When I had my fingerprints read during a life coaching conference, it was more out of curiosity than anything else. I knew I was on the right career path and thought I knew what my calling was. To my surprise my fingerprints showed that, in addition to coaching, I should be following a childhood dream, one I had put aside because I thought it was just a kid’s dream: to be a Leader through Public Speaking. When Ronelle told me that, I couldn’t stop smiling and even laughing. Without her analysis maybe one day I would realize that by myself, but maybe not. I am happy she helped me find out this now, so I can start working towards my dream with conviction and clarity. Thanks so much!”

Melina Kunifas
Life Coach

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What a wealth of information! I am still going over it, taking notes and finding the places in the book that relate to the various facets that you covered in my reading. And what helpful, USEFUL information it is! I’m already putting it to use. I definitely want to take the 2nd and 3rd appointments of the Jumpstart Package with you. I’m enviously imagining the students in your current training class and wishing I could have been one of them.” (Update: Glenna DID sign-up for the LifePrints Hand Analysis training program and graduated with flying colors)

Glenna Bendickson

I’ve recommend you to quite a few of my friends and family members as I’m very fascinated by your excellent skills to interpret our lives from our fingerprints! You have certainly turned my life “inside out” and it has lead to so many positive learnings, for which I’m very grateful.”

Janne Leth Forgaard

“Ronelle did a session for me at a very transformative time in my life. It was RIGHT on in helping me to clearly see my life purpose, the things that get in the way of my achieving it, and made my road crystal clear. It is amazing how much is right at your fingertips and Ronelle is a master translator.”

Micki Grimland
Owner & Chief Psychotherapist
Southwest Psychotherapy Associates

“Thank you very much for the fantastic session today. I recognized everything you told me in myself, and felt the truth of it. The awareness you have brought to me can help me to change so many things. Thank you so much for seeing me.”

Jane Nagel

“It was *SO* great to connect with you. Thanks so much for such a wonderful session. I took so many pages of notes and was just *GLOWING* with excitement, inspiration and insights afterwards. Absolutely wonderful, thank you!”

Angela Stokes
Raw Foods Natural Living Expert & Author

“Hi Ronelle! I finished my first “I’m a Big Shot” challenge. Your reading was so right on, the professional actors on the set loved my performance and I had so much fun too. I intuitively brought many things to the movie shoot that the crew needed and used. I was the hero for sure! I’m starting to believe that I would be really good at directing and producing movies. I have some new ideas as to how independent films are made. Now I’m back at my hermit cave and enjoying earthy things again. I love being a “Big Shot” and a hero and I also love hiding in my hermit castle where I create things. You nailed it in your reading of my prints and hands. Thank you for lighting the path for me.”

Rick Mack

“My work with Ronelle was brilliantly inspiring and empowering. After years of being “in search,” I finally understand it’s my job to do the work. Ronelle’s positive and keenly insightful feedback has me ready to pull out the welcome mat to my destiny. Most importantly her good soul is palpable, her kindness and positive way of communicating made me want to embrace it. I am so grateful to have found her.”

Erin Dann

“I would never have known what my hands revealed if it weren’t for the wonderful analysis by Ronelle. She took hand analysis from the carnival and demonstrated its importance as our own portable toolkit for showing us our gifts and life purpose. I read the notes of the analysis Ronelle did for me every morning to remind me of who I am. Even after a year the analysis still resonates and reveals itself. Thank you.”

Sandra Lee Schubert
Host of Wild Woman Network Podcast

“Ronelle’s engaging energy and passion for her work oozes! With her uplifting and direct approach, she flawlessly gives you “your recipe” for understanding the power of your fingerprints. No one has nailed me as Ronelle did. Moreover, I have pages of note taking that I will treasure for the rest of my life! Ronelle guides you with honor, command, and integrity!”

Roberta Ebli-Ekstrom
Professional Astrologer

“The work you do through hand analysis is absolutely amazing! Without knowing me at all, you were able to pin point things that were right on the money. The results of your hand analysis will definitely help me with the career and life decisions I am facing. You helped me to see my life purpose and the things that get in my way from living in alignment with it. I feel lighter, more optimistic, and clearer about what I need to do next. Thank you!”

Beth Meininger
Life Coach

“I had a hand analysis after the Omega Institute conference. You helped me to uncover my Life Purpose for which I am forever grateful. I used the information you gave me to really jumpstart my coaching practice. I have had some speaking opportunities, my coaching business is growing and I am doing great!”

Gladys M. Anderson
Life Coach & Marriage/Family Therapist

“Thank you very much for being the fabulous decoder that you are! I was truly impressed and shocked by how accurate the findings were. It was as if you were reading my inner landscape. Amazing. I am truly happy to have met you and will put all this valuable information to good use!”

Atisa Payvarpour

Training Reviews

“When I met Ronelle I was at the point of my life when I knew that something needed to change, but I didn’t know what. I had been reading hands intuitively since I was 16 years old as a hobby. During my journey with LifePrints Hand Analysis, Ronelle was by my side and helped me to learn to believe in myself and to understand when I was stuck in my “blind spot.” Ronelle has been incredibly committed to me and to my success, and her patience as a teacher had helped me to grow and create a successful business as an Advanced Certified Hand Analyst. I am so grateful for having Ronelle as my teacher and mentor for 3 years and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn LifePrints Hand Analysis. Thank you Ronelle from the bottom of my heart.”

Nadia Tumas
IIHA Advanced Hand Analyst
Los Angeles, California, USA

“If you are interested in learning more about yourself, and more about others, LifePrints Hand Analysis is the most efficient tool I’ve found for doing so. It’s objective, science-based, and jaw-droppingly accurate. I’ve participated in many coaching and training programs to discern my life purpose, and nothing comes close to this. Ronelle is a gentle, knowledgeable, and experienced teacher and mentor. She engages with her students in an encouraging, personal way, and is always available to answer questions and provide helpful advice. Although I’m only halfway through the CHA program, it is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Donna Mills
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst

Andover, Massachusetts, USA

“After studying Hand Analysis off and on for the past few years, I was inspired to take the year-long LifePrints Hand Analysis CHA course to deepen my understanding of the system, to be able to identify the subtle patterns in the hands, and to see and tell a stronger story. The distance-based format made it possible for me to participate in the class and the structure and organization of the program exceeded my expectations. I was able to incorporate the work into my schedule and it was always clearly defined and well-paced. I also gained great value and understanding by learning from two master teachers, Ronelle Coburn and Janet Savage, with their unique styles and vast experience.

Learning the depth of the material and meeting the signature requirements has given me a sense of completion and confidence, both important personal factors in supporting and developing aspects of my own life purpose. Thank you!”

Laura Selis
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
San Diego, California

“I thoroughly researched a number of hand analysis programs before I chose the Certified Hand Analyst program with the Life Purpose Academy. I chose this program because it was the most comprehensive and the distance learning meant that I didn’t have to spend money on travel and hotels. Ronelle is a very experienced Master Teacher and I knew I would have direct access to her throughout the program. I found the course material to be well structured and clear which made learning the extensive material interesting and fun. In addition, I believe the group and individual coaching is a critical element to the success of the program and Ronelle made me feel safe and comfortable at all times. Not only did I learn more than I ever imagined about hands, I gained invaluable insight and learning about myself. I now feel very clear about where I’m going; when I get stuck, I understand how I’m getting in my own way and what to do about it.My clients love having their hands read and I have found that hand analysis provides a short-cut through many of the personal and professional challenges that they face. I continuously receive feedback on how accurate the reading is and how helpful it has been for them.
So if you’re on the fence about whether to sign up or not I’m going to tell you to go for it. Then you’ll learn in the program why you tend to sit on the fence!”

Sherry Waddingham
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Toronto, Canada

You were right! The opportunity for personal growth and development was simply amazing. Thank you for your expert tutoring during the LifePrints Intensive Course. After reading your book, I had a burning desire to read my own and others’ hands. However, I soon encountered the challenges of reading live hands; especially ones which didn’t conform to the classic textbook prints. Your thorough and entertaining teaching highlighted the clues and subtleties to look for as we read the students’ prints and gave me the confidence and experience to read hands for both family and friends. Highly informative and a lot of fun!”

Vicki Papageorgiou
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Victoria, Australia

“I enrolled in Ronelle’s IIHA year long Certified Hand Analyst course with the view to learning all I could about hands. Well, that was the least of my learning! Ronelle is a magnificent teacher, with such a depth of understanding and knowledge about hands. She is able to share this in a way that makes it totally comprehensible and fun. She showed us great compassion while we moved through our own personal journey and held such a safe space so we could share freely and do our own personal work. That is one of the wonderful side effects of this programme–your best learning comes from your own transformation. Hand Analysis has allowed me to work with my clients to discover their hidden gems, challenges and life purpose with ease, which allows them to make powerful choices about living on purpose and living into their greatness.”

Deb Marsh
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Christchurch, New Zealand

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me during the LifePrints Certified Hand Analyst class experience. Just in the last few weeks, I have felt and seen new potential for me and my PURPOSE. It has been a LONG TIME COMING, but it’s better late than never! I am so much better on a myriad of levels for having taken this class. I’m now thrilled to be me!

Cathie Gillis
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Del Rio, Texas

“I would tell others that if they are looking for structure, accountability, well thought out information, teachers with great knowledge of the database, and awesome mentoring, then they should definitely sign up. A great investment! I looked forward to and loved the private and group tutoring sessions.”

Thelma Patmore
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst

I definitely appreciated the distance-based format of the class, which was very convenient for me and my lifestyle. I also loved how accommodating Ronelle and Janet were to my questions beyond the scheduled tutoring sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate taking any program with Ronelle or Janet.”

Margarita McClure
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Tennessee, USA

Learn how to help others discover their own life purpose with these Training Programs:

LifePrints Intensive

CHA Training

“When I learned about my life purpose ‘The Healer with Heart’ from Ronelle a few years ago, I was already working full-time as a healer, but I was wondering if I should find something else to do, because I ran into many obstacles all the time. Then in a very caring way Ronelle began to tell me about my life lesson and everything fell into place. My obstacles were all about my life lesson and Ronelle gave me excellent hands-on advice on how to handle it. This session changed my life in a very positive way. It was so mind-blowing that I just needed to learn more about it. Therefore I’ve taken Ronelle’s training to become a Certified Hand Analyst. To take this training has been an awesome journey and I can only recommend it. I’ve learned so much about myself and simply love to read hands and help people to step into their life purpose. Thank you Ronelle.”

Rikke Mors
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Vejle, Denmark

“This is a great course if you are driven and passionate about making a difference in your own life as well as others. It’s the best experience I ever had. I learned the truth about myself. I loved it!!! I enjoyed every moment of this class, watching the online video lectures, listening to the audios, and talking to Ronelle during private sessions. This information is priceless and it changes your life in all dimensions. And more importantly, I will be able to make an impact on other people’s lives. Thank you Ronelle!”

Irina Kravtsov
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
New York, USA

Doing the CHA has been the greatest gift I’ve given to myself and others. The enormous personal growth that I went through, and the changes in my life during that period, were some of the biggest that life can throw at a person, and knowing my Life Purpose and my Life Lesson and my gifts, as well as understanding my challenges, allowed me to make more conscious decisions in the face of huge life issues as well as day to day ones.I am now able to help others in my Hand Analysis business in the same manner. After a reading, I often get thanked by my clients for the gift of feeling comfortable just being themselves. Ronelle’s teaching and personal attention was invaluable and she helped me through many a crisis. I highly recommend the training, but hang on tight, as your life will never be the same!”

Jane Lever
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Queensland, Australia

“I thoroughly researched a number of hand analysis programs before I chose the Certified Hand Analyst program with the Life Purpose Academy. I chose this program because it was the most comprehensive and the distance learning meant that I didn’t have to spend money on travel and hotels. Ronelle is a very experienced Master Teacher and I knew I would have direct access to her throughout the program. I found the course material to be well structured and clear which made learning the extensive material interesting and fun. In addition, I believe the group and individual coaching is a critical element to the success of the program and Ronelle made me feel safe and comfortable at all times. Not only did I learn more than I ever imagined about hands, I gained invaluable insight and learning about myself. I now feel very clear about where I’m going; when I get stuck, I understand how I’m getting in my own way and what to do about it. My clients love having their hands read and I have found that hand analysis provides a short-cut through many of the personal and professional challenges that they face. I continuously receive feedback on how accurate the reading is and how helpful it has been for them. If you’re on the fence about whether to sign up or not I’m going to tell you to go for it. Then you’ll learn in the program why you tend to sit on the fence!”

Sherry Waddingham
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Toronto, Canada

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Intensive and CHA Year-Long courses! Your instruction was wonderful and my mind is on fire about it! This stuff is priceless. How do you put a dollar amount on knowledge like this?! Thank you so much for offering this to us in the comfort of our homes.”

Bonnie Patterino
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Maryland, USA

“LifePrints Hand Analysis found me, and I am so grateful that I chose Life Purpose Academy! If you are looking for excellent instruction and coaching/tutoring, then Life Purpose Academy is the ideal place for you. Ronelle Coburn and Janet Savage share their incredible knowledge, unique hand reading skills and styles, and open their hearts to each of their students. The pace of the CHA distance-based format is easy to manage because it’s just enough to keep you engaged and curious. I loved learning my life purpose and life lesson(s), as they confirmed what I already knew but didn’t know how to articulate. I am taking steps to embrace, love, and live my life purpose and lesson. Hand Analysis will definitely be a part of my life purpose. I love sharing this sacred information with clients, and being a witness to them having “a-ha” experiences about their own lives. It is simply life-changing, and I am so grateful to be a part of this community! I am excited to help change lives with my new skills. Thank you for and bringing your love-filled authenticity to the table and sharing your beautiful gifts and knowledge with all of us. And the teaching in the online lecture videos were fabulous! Ronelle, you have the most wonderful teaching presence. I enjoyed the distance-based format because of the quality of the videos and teaching. The printed materials were also exceptional.”

Andrea L’Heureux
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Colorado, USA

“I have to say, as I look back on this year of training with you, I am so grateful that I chose the Life Purpose Academy’s Certified Hand Analyst distance-based program. Your ability to organize and transmit this information is superb!

Sandy Schaefer
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Boulder, Colorado

“This online LifePrints certification class is such a great alternative to a classroom for people who like to take their time and digest the material. Thank you for an amazing year!”

Bernice Sebastian
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Alberta, Canada

“I thoroughly recommend taking the CHA with Life Purpose Academy. Ronelle is such a great inspirational teacher. She will guide you and hold your hand throughout and is always there if you need extra support. The course is challenging at times, but will totally change your life for the better. Not only will you be learning a new skill but you will be healing and understanding yourself along the way.”

Amanda O’Keeffe
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst

“The Certified Hand Analyst Course with Ronelle was such a blessing. It not only provided me with a sacred space for so much personal growth, it also gave me another valuable tool to help my clients. I got even clearer on who I’m here to serve in my business. I loved the structure of the course—it had it all—group work, personal insight time, loads of practice, a huge amount of content and one-on-one time. It was a wonderful format. I couldn’t believe there was so much to learn about the hands. I had taken the LifePrints Intensive so I knew Ronelle would deliver an incredible certification course. After the first month I had already received so much from this program that I was wondering how I had found such an amazing opportunity for such a small investment! After the course I published my first article on hands and now publish them monthly in a printed and online magazine. I feel confident in being able to give wonderful, insightful readings and my private clients are thrilled with their hand analysis. I’m honored to be able to share their soul’s purpose with them and so thankful I found the course with the Life Purpose Academy. The experience was even more than what I thought it could be. If any of you out there are considering it you won’t be disappointed!”

Tanya Laurin
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Vancouver, British Columbia

Book Reviews

“Ronelle has a wonderful ability to identify your strengths. Read her book and learn how to live life leading with your strengths!”

Machen McDonald
#1 Bestselling Author of The Power of Coaching

Amazing Resource!
“As a professional Scientific Hand Analyst, I use Ronelle’s book as a reference for nearly every client that I read for! I have found it to be a very accurate and user friendly reference for The Life Purposes, as put forth by Richard Unger’s classifications! Of course, I also find it incredibly insightful for my own personal growth and insight into my own hands! It reads like a gentle yet powerful conversation, is well thought out and well organized. Really, this is a fabulous book and I highly recommend it even if you have not yet had your own hands read, as it will provide you with insights into your own soul.”

You will soon be on your way
“This tasty book will delight your inner self and then dare you to change your life. Settle down in that special soft chair. Discover nice depth of writing, wonderful instincts and a gentle hand for guidance. You will soon be on your way. The best part, tell a friend. The system is universal and yet applies uniquely to each individual.”

Scientific hand anaylsis…impressive book!!
“Purchased on a recommendation and a quick flip through another copy…I was hooked, had to find out more! I have been that impressed I’m now taking a web foundation course to learn the basics. This book gives answers…YOU WILL want to know more! Don’t confuse this with Palmistry…it’s related but different…very eye opening! Highly recommended. “

Packed with brilliant information
“Absolutely wonderful. Packed with brilliant information and goes a few steps further than other books I have read on this subject. I like that this book focuses mainly on the Life Purpose, therefore it is extremely comprehensive. Recommend to anyone who want to know their own life puropse path or those who are working with other peoples fingerprints.”

“Ronelle’s book is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to understand themselves and others better. Knowing my life purpose and life lesson through fingerprint analysis has been so validating for me and leaves me hungry to know more. 5 stars!”

Excellent book! Well written, easy to follow and great information.
“It takes you through working out which categories each of your fingerprints fall into. Then it helps you work out which category is the one that is about your life purpose and finally you get loads of information about your life purpose within this category. The information isn’t of the “go get a job as an accountant” type of information, it’s more along the lines of “you’re a master results getter” so you can use the information as a guide as to what specific directions you go in. I’ve personally had Ronelle give me an in-depth hand analysis (well worth it!!) and this book covers all the basic information from that, which makes this book SO valuable if you’re looking to find your life purpose. The closer I get to following my life purpose, the more accurate I realize the information Ronelle gave me is and the more “ah ha” moments I have from it. I highly recommend this book!”

Taking personal development to the next level
“Most self-help, personal development books have started to sound the same…that is why this was so refreshing to read. Of course I may be a little bit biased in my review. I have been studying handreading/palmistry for the past couple of years and have also had the pleasure of a Life Purpose reading from the author via an internet forum. The great thing about Ronelle’s book is that you can benefit if you want some simple direction in life or if you are a student of the art of hand reading. Since understanding my own Life Purpose from my fingerprints, I have experienced a much greater awareness of myself and have passed on the knowledge from this technique to those closest to me. It is fascinating, descriptive, and well-written. If you are looking to understand yourself on a much deeper level, give it a try. If you enjoy handreading and palmistry, it is a ‘must have’. Great job Ronelle.”

A useful book for everyone who wants to better understand themselves
“A useful book for everyone who wants to better understand themselves and get clear on their Life Purpose. In my opinion, the better we writers know ourselves, the better writers we become. So, I highly recommend reading Ronelle’s book. She lays out very clearly how to read the destiny in your finger prints. Uncover your life purpose and that of your friends and family. In the over ten years that I have known Ronelle, I have always valued her straight talk and clear descriptions of how we operate. Her insight into my Life Purpose (Creativity, of course!) focused me and helped immeasurably in both my personal and professional life.”

Wonderful, most original, and very helpful!
“For most of my life, I’ve explored various techniques for enhancing self-awareness, and this is one of the most powerful I’ve ever found. And it makes sense that it would be: what about you is more unique to you than your own fingerprints? Ronelle has helped me figure out things about myself that I’d never fully understood despite my long explorations. I’m indebted to her; this book is a gift.”

It’s never too late!
“I’ve been so fascinated with hand analysis that I’ve collected dozens of books, but this one is by far my favorite! I still feel completely blown away that what took me decades to figure out was right there in my fingertips all along. Do yourself a huge favor after reading this book by calling for a consultation with Ronelle. I would never have guessed that there was so much of me to be revealed in my hands! Her compassion and humor comes through in the book, but even more so in person.”

Wonderfully written
“Wonderfully written, sophisticated yet user friendly. I really understood what “life purpose” means now and the author gave me a template for my own.”

Fabulous and Enlightening!
“Easy to read, chatty style by Ronelle- this book is packed with information to guide you to discover your life purpose…so that you can actively move towards the life you want to feel truly fulfilled and navigate through the inevitable hurdles which may crop up along the way. A great buy if you’re curious about hand analysis. This isn’t traditional palmistry and blows all of those other books and old-fashioned theories out of the water. A wonderful guide for your life. Highly recommended!”

Well Written, Compelling Work on Hand Analysis
“From the very first page this book drew me on and captivated me. I felt I was sitting and chatting with Ronelle about my own hands. Her writing style is warm, friendly, yet gets the point across. I wish I had teachers like her in college. Her examples are fabulous and I found them VERY helpful in trying to figure out my OWN fingerprints. Well written, nicely illustrated and just plain fun to read. Add that to the fact that you will absolutely have an eye opening experience about your own life purpose and you have an AMAZING BOOK on hand analysis and determining your unique life purpose.”

The Best Accidental Find Ever!
“I found Ronelle’s book quite by accident…And am glad I did!
I’d found just enough information to spike my interest in hand reading and wanted to learn more. Flipping through web pages I found Ronelle’s site, read it over, found her book and that’s all it took for me to jump in, head first, in this wonderful new world called “me.” Her writing is conversational, you feel like she’s sitting and reading to/for you. Not some stuffy professor lecturing AT you. Thanks for that Ronelle. The clear illustrations go with the writing complimenting each other nicely. Her short stories explaining points work well and keep it flowing. You’ll get a lot out of this if you’re interested in learning more about yourself or if you’re learning about hand analysis. It’s a win, win situation, unique and universal at the same time. You’ll learn how to “get over yourself” and “move forward” in the direction that’s right for you – it’s up to you to take action or not. Thanks Ronelle for opening my eyes to this wonderful world.”

Detailed And Deep
“In full disclosure, I was a student of Ronelle. I am a professional palmist and Certified Hand Analyst. This book is absolutely wonderful and full of very detailed and deep information regarding your Life Purpose! Whether you’re just merely curious about what your fingerprints might mean or you’re an experienced pro at reading hands and looking for a new resource, I very highly recommend this book!”

BRAVO!!! Hand Frontier Salsa!
“As another hand analyst – what a wonderful progression in the world of hands. Great Job Ronelle! I read Richard Ungers work as well and thoroughly enjoyed both. Well written with a captivating style. To those unfamiliar with exploring new frontiers they may fail to see what is before them in their hands (no pun intended). For the open minded, it’s easy to appreciate and recognize the work of art this book she created is. Bravo!!”

Easy to use and very interesting
“I suddenly became fascinated with my fingerprints recently so I ordered this book. It’s quite neat to be able to look at fingerprints and get an overview of someone’s leanings in life. I found that I have 2 life purposes and so does my spouse. And we share one of them as well as each having a different one. I haven’t had a chance to use it with anyone else yet but I’m looking forward to it. “

Thank you, Ronelle, for sharing your insights
“Will help my hand reading business immensely.”

Awesome and Intriguing Book
“This book has given me so much clarification on my life purpose, not indicating something I’m meant to do and don’t want to, but validating the very thing I feel happiest doing and being. And it is nailing all of my friends and family as well – I recommend this book for everyone!”

A book you should have at your fingertips!
“As a hand analyst and personal growth consultant for the past 20 years, I’ve longed for a book that takes the transformative and phenomenal work of Richard Unger and puts it—literally—in the hands of everyone. This is that book.

With beautiful prose, touching examples and anecdotes, and a wealth of grounded psychological framing, this book opens the door to one of the most persistent “knockings” of the human experience: Who Am I and What Am I Here For?

Learning to identify one’s own fingerprints can be challenging without a qualified hand analyst, but Coburn’s writing is so illustrative, that I think an individual can “find themselves” just by paying attention to which chapters have resonance. The important contribution of this book is not how to identify fingerprints, but how to really understand why we don’t move on with what we intuitively know to be our callings.

I am using this book in my work with clients, and would recommend it for anyone in the career counseling, psychology, coaching, personal growth, spiritual direction, or mentoring fields…or if you’re just on a personal quest!”

Perfect book for the hand analyst student!
“I have been reading and studying hands for 8 years and this book puts a great perspective in the knowledge I have learned and the work I still have to do on myself. Not only does this relate to life purpose in your fingerprints, but it resonates knowledge in all parts of your hand, letting you know and understand a deeper meaning in your life and where you are putting your energy, good and bad. Ronelle has a great ability to relate to you on a personal level and ease you into feeling comfortable with the lessons you are here to learn. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to find better self awareness and understand others that may be overlooked in the daily grind of life.”

A work of Genius
“Reading this book will give you a glimpse of pure genius. Weather you apply its teachings or not you will benefit yourself in the experience and perhaps some of Ronelle’s genius will rub off on to you!”