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Lifeprints Life Purpose Consultation


Longing to wake up to the LIFE you LOVE to LIVE?

A private consultation is the best place to start…period.

lifeprints life purpose consultationIs is time to get a Lifeprints life purpose consultation because you’re yearning to use your intelligence and creative talents and use them to live your best life?  Are you ready to live a life of purpose, but not quite sure how to pull it all together so you can DO IT?  Many highly gifted people have a hard time figuring out how to use their Life Purpose and gifts in a meaningful way, but you can STOP looking for purpose in all the wrong places and apply your energy to living your Life Purpose Now.

If you’re ready to discover the depths of who you really are so your heart can sing, a private consultation on the unique Life Purpose Blueprint written in your fingerprints is the very best place to start.

In a private Lifeprints Life Purpose Consultation we can dive directly into the raw beating heart of your life—your Life Purpose and Life Lesson (that thing that keeps getting in your way) and your personality structures. We’ll explore the pieces of you that are working together smoothly, where they rub each other the wrong way or want different things, and reveal how your challenges are “allies in disguise” guiding you to a life on purpose.

Private consultations give you the full picture of what your best life looks like—your unique formula for a passionate life—and helps you understand exactly what you need to do to move directly into a life of purpose.

There is a huge treasure trove of information about you, your relationships, and your work in your hands. Your individual fingerprints are encoded with your Life Purpose and Life Lessons, if only you choose to know them. The shape of your hands, the lines of your palms, and the special markers only you possess show your unique gifts and talents and reveal the arena your purpose can best play out in, the shining light that only you can share with the world. They are the blueprint for your passionate life—and you’re carrying them around with you right now. A full consultation is the best first step towards waking up to the LIFE you LOVE to LIVE!

Your hands are not predictive of events—they are the amazing map of YOU—who you are now, who you want to be, and how to best apply your free will to climb your highest mountain of personal potential.

If you’re ready to step up and commit to living the highest expression of YOUR BEST LIFE—let’s go!

Private consultations give you priceless information that is useful for every moment of the rest of your life.

All consultations are done with you via phone or skype and are audio recorded for your ongoing review.

“It was *SO* great to connect with you–thanks so much for such a wonderful session­–I took so many pages of notes and was just *GLOWING* with excitement, inspiration and insights afterwards–absolutely wonderful, thank you!”

Angela Stokes-Monarch | Co-Founder of

To Order Consultations:

  • Click on the consultation package you’d like to order:
  • Life Purpose Discovery Session (1 session), or Jumpstart Package (3 sessions)
  • I’ll send you a hand and fingerprint printing kit with easy instructions.
  • You’ll print your hands and fingerprints and send them back to me via mail or email.
  • Once received, I’ll contact you to set-up our time together.
  • After our time together I will send you a link to the audio recording of the session (you can listen again as soon as you get it via digital download).
  • Once you know your own Life Purpose, Lesson, School, and Delicious Dilemmas, you’re equipped to take your next steps toward living out your Personal Formula for Life Success!

Information from these sessions is

Remember, it’s up to you to use your free will to
choose your Life Purpose or refuse it. . .

“I want a Lifeprints Life Purpose Discovery Session”

lifeprints life purpose consultationIn this initial session, the focus is on decoding your particular Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School from your unique fingerprints and seeing how your Lesson and School fuel your Purpose when you embrace them. Information from this session is good for the rest of your life as your Purpose, Lesson, and School do not change, but are the process of your consciousness unfolding over time.

This session is geared to get you in-touch with your deepest core self, the larger perspective of your life, and on to your next concrete practical steps towards aligning with your highest potential and your most satisfying life. Whether you feel you’re on-purpose and looking to go to the next level with it, or beginning to suspect you have a purpose and want to know just what it is, this is the place to start.

Lifeprints Life Purpose Discovery Consultation

One-Hour Session

$275.00Add to cart

“I want the FULL Lifeprints Life Purpose Jumpstart Package”

lifeprints life purpose consultationThis specially priced package of three sessions (three for price of two) is for those who want to know “the whole story” of themselves. The first, the Lifeprints Life Purpose Consultation (see above), focuses on decoding your fingerprints.

In sessions two and three we delve into the shape and lines of your hands for your special gifts, personality characteristics, and motivational systems and examine how these are interacting with your Life Purpose and Life Lesson encoded in your fingerprints. What are your Delicious Dilemmas and how can you move toward harmonizing them, rather than letting them confuse and misdirect you? This is my most popular private consultation offering. This Package is for you if are ready to “know it all” about yourself and your own unique Life Purpose. This is truly the way to “jumpstart” your life!

Lifeprints Life Purpose Jumpstart Package

3 One-Hour Consultations

$650.00Add to cart

“What a wealth of information! I am still going over it, taking notes and finding the places in the book that relate to the various facets that you covered in my reading. And what helpful, USEFUL information it is! I’m already putting it to use. I definitely want to take the 2nd and 3rd appointments of the Jumpstart Package with you. I’m enviously imagining the students in your current training class and wishing I could have been one of them.” (Update: Glenna DID sign-up for the LifePrints Hand Analysis training program and graduated with flying colors!)

Glenna Bendickson | Delta, BC, Canada

richard unger iiha international institute of hand analysis lifeprints

“Ronelle is an absolute expert on helping you learn your life purpose and live it–what could be more important than that?”

Richard Unger, originator and author of LifePrints: Deciphering Your
Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints

Founder, International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA)

Are you ready?  Sign-up now for your Lifeprints Life Purpose Consultation.