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Online Post Graduate Lectures

Advanced Topics in IIHA Lifeprints Scientific Hand Analysis

This material is for IIHA hand analysts at CHA level or above.

Sharpen Your Skills. Keep Going. Keep Growing.

  • Expand The Database
  • Improve Threading Skills
  • Evolve Readership & Counseling
  • Push Personal & Professional Growth

Get ready to push the boundless edges of human consciousness, expand your ability to put the pieces of your client’s puzzle together, and communicate in the most powerful life-transforming way.  And   keep learning about yourself too.

No chit chat. Pure learning.

Each lecture was designed for online learning (i.e. they are not recordings of group classes or workshops).

Where appropriate, the ideas presented are applied to multiple hand prints to provide examples through practical application.

There are PDF downloads that accompany the video lectures so you can print out and take notes, as desired. The audio of each lecture is also available for you to download for future review. Lectures will remain in your Lifeprints Lab Self-Discovery Center for one year after purchase and can be viewed as many times as you like. Please note that accounts cannot be shared.

Lectures can be bought individually, in various discounted custom bundles, or as an entire set that also includes the Habits, Hands & Predictions Series. Please see Bundle Discounts Tab.
lifeprints postgrads thumb analysis

1-Thumbs Up! Mars, Venus & The Thumb

The thumb is planted with its roots in Venus and Mars. Let’s explore the underlying connections of the entire landscape of this area of the hand to gain enormous insight into the thumb.

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lifeprints postgrads heart lines

2-Crooked Little Hearts: A New Perspective on Elemental Combos

Discover the strengths of having “compromised” heart lines and open up a whole new line of thinking about hands and human emotions.

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lifeprints postgrads diagnose problem

3-Pinpoint The Life Purpose/Lesson Problem Area: One Quick & Easy Way

A quick & easy technique to peg the readee’s EXACT hang ups with their Purpose and Lesson.

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lifeprints postgrads hand reading

4-But How Does It FEEL? Getting Inside Your Client’s Heart To Deliver Power Packed Readings

Deliver incredibly power-packed readings by focusing through the lens of how the client feels.

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lifeprints postgrads search for meaning

5-Recognizing Variations Of 3-For-2s

3-For-2s are often confusing, not just for the client, but for you, the reader! Get a better handle on knowing what you’re looking at and how to interpret this important configuration.

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lifeprints postgrads personality type

6-Getting Through To Your Client: Reading To Personality Type/Key Markers

Where do you go in the hand to talk very specifically to the personality you have in front of you? Especially from the very start of the reading when you want to ‘get in’ fast with your client.

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lifeprints postgrads whorls loops arches

7-Ten Whorls, Ten Loops, Ten Arches: Then What?

Never fear these kinds of fingerprint charts again! Three approaches to easily expand your readings for owners of ten whorls, loops, or arches.

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lifeprints postgrads tricky fingerprints

8-Tricky Fingerprints: Refining the 6 or More Rule, Reader’s Choices, Tough IDs

When do you use the 6-or-more rule or break them out? How to handle gradations of Loops? Unclear School? Hard to see or rare fingerprints? And refinements on Reader’s Choices.

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lifeprints postgrads goldilocks rule paradox principle

9-Which Way Do They Go? Life Lesson, Goldilocks & The  Paradox Principle

Deepen your understanding of the Paradox Principle & Goldilocks Rule. Learn how the behaviors of Too Hot & Too cold get expressed across the Life Lessons via compensation & projection.

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lifeprints postgrads tough readings

10-Tough Readings: Takeovers, Retreaters, Hot Potato Tossers

There are all kinds of difficult readings. Here are three of the most common, how they can present, why they do it, how you can get in your own way, and how to handle them.

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lifeprints postgrads desire pollution

11-How Desire Pollution Can Hang Up A Life: And What To Do About It

Take an extensive & detailed look at at this formidable unconscious enemy and how to convert it into a conscious champion. Texbook version, “walked offs,” and String of Lights.

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lifeprints postgrads heart line

12-Broken hearts & “Broken” Lives: Let’s Learn A LOT From Broken Heart Lines

Broken Heart Lines are fascinating and bewildering when they show up. Closer observation of those with this kind of wiring will open your eyes to the kaleidoscopic facets of the human emotional system and the deeper meanings in the geography of the hand involving all heart lines.

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lifeprints postgrads jupiter finger

13-Wrong Kind Of Drama? The Many Faces Of Left Jupiter

When you’re numb it takes a lot of stimulation to feel anything at all. Enter negative drama as a stimulus and trap. Discover “normal is boring,” adrenaline addiction, stirring the pot, self destructive behaviors, and how to break the cycle.

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lifeprints postgrads tribal patterns

14-Breaking Tribal Patterns: The Hardest Part Of Life Lesson

Life Lesson is not just about breaking your own patterns, but those that have been passed down to you for generations. Explore how to manage the inevitable difficulties we all must face in the struggle between our social groups and how we face our biggest challenge.

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lifeprints postgrads one question

15-What One Question Are The Hands Asking? Knock Their Socks Off With The First Thing You Say

Wow your client, and grab their attention, by opening the session with one question the hands are asking.

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lifeprints postgrads saturn finger

17-Faith & Doubt: Befriend Saturn & Feel GREAT About Yourself & Your Life

No one can live a valuable or valued life without ‘getting with the program of reality.’ We all must befriend Saturn to feel like life is worth living.

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lifeprints postgrads inertia markers

18-Just Plain Stuck: Inertia Markers & How Hard They Can Be To Overcome

We all grapple with inertia, but some have it worse than others. Identify which markers indicate more extreme resistance to making the changes needed to get on-purpose.

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lifeprints postgrads human games

19-Smoke & Mirrors: Games Humans Play & How To Identify/Untangle Them

Uncover the real story under the deceptive story clients—and all humans—tell themselves to help identify and untangle the self-deceptive games we all play.

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lifeprints postgrads crisis meaning

20-Crisis Of Meaning: Temporary Transitions In The Hands

What are the markers of the crisis of meaning, from milder to more extreme? And how to tell at a glance if they are temporary, longer term, or life long.

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lifeprints postgrads isolation markers

21-One Is The Loneliest Number: Markers of Isolation & Alienation

Isolation is a primary state of being human and is one of the most painful human conditions with a long list of negative emotional outcomes. How does it show in the hands when alienation is more life-pervading?

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lifeprints postgrads many few lines

22-Many Lines Or Few? What The Human Wiring Diagram Reveals At A Glance

Glean so much information from a quick look at the number and quality of the lines in the hands, advance your grasp of the elements, and learn the upsides and downsides of many and few.

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lifeprints postgrads stress markers

23-Under Pressure: Markers Of Strees & Strain In The Hands

Performance and progress both require some pressure, but what amount is constructive//motivating and how much destructive/debilitating?

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lifeprints postgrads three worlds

24-How & When To Use The Three Worlds: Understanding the Conceptual, Practical & Instinctual

Learn more about the worlds within worlds in the hands and how to apply this concept to ANY piece, part, or area of the hand to unearth more nuanced information.

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lifeprints postgrads simian crease

25-Variations On Simians: Recognizing The Many Faces Of Extremity

Simians come in many forms and are often confusing. Get some clarifying new concepts to help you understand with more ease and attain more ideas for threading.

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lifeprints postgrads hand shapes

26-Those Slippery Shapes: What Distorts Our View

Hand shape is just hard. And much of that is because so many common distortions can fool us. We look at how to improve your identification of hand shape to reduce confusion and for more accurate readings.

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lifeprints postgrads quadrant system

27-The Quadrant System: Going Farther With A Dash Of Family, Intuition, Communication & Ambition

Let’s travel down into the foundational landscape of the hands for the underlying meaning to be discovered there. Learn how to apply the Quadrant System to decipher another level of rich information.

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lifeprints postgrads growth opportunities

28-Another F*%ing Growth Opportunity: Untangling Attack Lines

Take a thorough tour of all the attack lines with some exciting new ideas about them and many more avenues for threading.

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lifeprints postgrads criminal hands

29-Criminal Hands: What Can We Learn From Them?

Hands that are hard to look at, yet so surprising in their abundance of wisdom about the dark side of quite a few markers we generally have very different ‘nicey nice’ ideas about.

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lifeprints postgrads inked prints

30-Inked Prints Versus Live Hands: Let’s Take A Look

Most of us have a preference for inked or live hands, but with practice you can see all the same things in both. Walk through 10 comparisons to sharpen your eyes.

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lifeprints postgrads burn out

31-Energetic Troubles: Exploring The Different Flavors Of “Burn-Out”

What are the ways that burn-out can show-up, the consequences, and how to figure out “where’s the hole in the bucket?” so you can get specific to your particular readee.

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lifeprints postgrads right environment

32-Getting The Right Environment: Making Life Purpose Possible

Do you have the support and sustenance you need to advance with Personality & Soul Psychology? Environment is key to whether you thrive or just survive. Assess your own life and get ideas for yourself and your readees.

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lifeprints postgrads advanced archetypes

38-Getting Started With Advanced Archetypes: Next Levels Of Threading & Comprehensive Reading

Archetypes are multiple traits that add up to an instantly recognizable personality type. You already know many archetypes that use two similar items. Get your feet wet here with the next levels of threading and 5 Advanced Archetypes.

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5-Part Series

6 hours of lectures

This series gets into the deep roots of misunderstanding that continue to thwart widespread acceptance of modern hand analysis, and to the very heart of how expressly informative—and explosively transformative—the DNA-encoded map of human conscicousness really is.

lifeprints postgrads hands predictions

33-Force Of Habit ONE: Habits, Hands & Predictions
Intro To The Human Ghost In The Machine: What do habits and predictions have to do with hands? Neuroscience is finding real answers to these long running questions. It turns out we have a Ghost In The Machine in the form of a myriad of UNconscious habit patterns. These ingrained repeating patterns are not easy to alter, but we have direct access to these patterns through the hands! Our habits are the Ghost in the Machine we can’t live without—but must live with—and we can make certain types of predictions that help us avoid living powerless to fate in favor of choosing to consciously live out our most meaningful lives.

lifeprints postgrads hands predictions

34-Force Of Habit TWO: Habits, Hands & Predictions
The Mechanics of Habit: What are habits, how are they built, how do they operate? Why are they so hard to form and to break? Do we even have any actual Free Will? How can we tinker with our habits if they can’t be erased? What roles do belief and group support play? How can you identify and leverage Keystone Habits? Why are times of crisis important for habit change? Understanding the answers to these questions has massive implications for understanding ourselves, our readees, and for how we understand what the hands have to say and how we counsel our clients.

lifeprints postgrads hands predictions

35-Force Of Habit THREE: Habits, Hands & Predictions
Are Hands Predictive? If So How? And What Can They Predict? Do traditional ideas of prediction via the hands have any validity? What if the answer isn’t a cut & dried yes/no? How much has history versus the times we’re living in have to do with it? In what way are hands actually predictive of what is likely to happen next in someone’s life and how do we, as hand analysts, use the information in the hands to understand and guide our clients?

lifeprints postgrads hands predictions

36-Force Of Habit FOUR: Habits, Hands & Predictions
Timing In The Hands: How do we look at timing in the hands and why does time seem to go faster as we age? What does the formation of habit loops have to do with this? How is our perception of time at different ages formed and why? What are the larger common timing cycles of our human lifespan? How do we work with the ideas of both personal and life scale timing in a powerful way for maximum impact in our readings?

lifeprints postgrads hands predictions

37-Force Of Habit FIVE: Habits, Hands & Predictions
The Wild Card-Free Will, Free Won’t, and Human Willpower: Willpower is the #1 Keystone Habit. Knowing how to consciously employ your Free Will and Free Won’t is essential to working with both your Personality & Soul Psychologies. As hand analysts we are uniquely situated to identify how and where our clients can strengthen and apply their willpower. We help others become aware of and develop the Habit Loops that support their most meaningful life. This means we need to have a thorough understanding of how habits, hands, and predictions come together in each client’s life story so they gain the power to alter their habits of personality and soul psychology to move step-by-step into their best lives and reap its rewards.

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