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Lifeprints Hand Analysis Intensive

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In the Lifeprints Hand Analysis Intensive, you will discover your REAL life purpose by learning to read the comprehensive human map of consciousness found in your unique DNA-encoded fingerprints.

lifeprints hand analysis intensiveWhat would it be like to finally find your true calling, your highest potential, your unique Instruction Manual for Life? Are you the sort of person who would find it exhilarating to be able to help others know exactly what their special highest potential is?

Humans have always sought for the answer to the questions, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What’s my life about?” We have been blessed with the capacity for self-awareness and self-contemplation as well as the will power and discernment to shape our own lives.

But it’s hard to know how to use our human free will when we don’t know what we are meant to apply it to. We’ve been searching for all of human history for the missing Instruction Manual for Life, the personal road map that helps us know who we’re made to be, the blueprint that tells each of us how we can wake up to the LIFE we LOVE to LIVE.

But guess what? The amazing blueprint for each human life has already been discovered and, using scientific life purpose hand analysis you can learn to read it and how to navigate more swiftly into your life of clarity and purpose, joy and delight. And you can experience the deep satisfaction of confidently helping others find happiness and understand the root causes of happiness in their lives too.

The IIHA LifePrints Hand Analysis Intensive is nothing short of an extraordinary opportunity for breathtaking personal inspiration, growth, and transformation. In our time together you will learn the ABCs of reading the most remarkable map in the world—the map of human consciousness, purpose, and personality literally written right onto every human hand, starting with your own. You will learn nothing less than how to make CHANGE quickly in your own life and to help others do the same, for the BETTER, FOREVER.

Is The Hand Analysis Intensive Course for You?

lifeprints hand analysis intensiveAre you yearning (and ready) for power-packed life-changing personal growth?

Are you a healer, therapist, life coach, or other counselor searching for the Ultimate Life Purpose Assessment Tool to help direct your clients with confidence toward their BEST life? Why not end the frustration of asking your most motivated clients to play guessing games with their precious purpose? Imagine that you can learn how to help them quickly understand who they yearn to be and how they can fulfill their purpose and focus on what you can do best—supporting them as they make real forward movement!

Are you searching for a form of self-discovery healership to do as your career/business?

Are you longing for a sen electrifying jumpstart on your own personal growth? A fresh empowering perspective on your own life?  Are you ready to learn a TON about yourself in very little time and feel the excitement of knowing what to do about it? Are you ready to step up to the next level in your life?

Learning what’s literally in your hands is nothing short of discovering an entire universe and a new paradigm of human consciousness and its remarkable potential.

It’s as startling as waking up to find your own personal Mount Everest has always been waiting for you right in your own backyard.

richard unger iiha international institute of hand analysis lifeprints

“Ronelle is an absolute expert on helping you learn your life purpose and live it–what could be more important than that?”

Richard Unger, originator and author of LifePrints: Deciphering Your
Life Purpose From Your Fingerprints

Founder, International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA)

Are We for You?

iiha lifeprints hand analysis intensiveYou want the BEST LifePrints Hand Analysis Intensive training available anywhere, delivered directly by seasoned certified 100% professional Master Hand Analysts and Master Teachers.  We are proud to be among a tiny handful of people who are sanctioned to teach International Institute of Hand Analysis programs and confer IIHA certifications.  IIHA teachers have undergone rigorous supervision and agree to uphold the highest standards—for themselves and their students—based on the student-oriented curriculum developed by the IIHA for almost 40 years.  Learning from IIHA-sanctioned instructors is truly studying with the masters.

lifeprints hand analysis intensive

Ronelle Coburn, Alana Unger, Richard Unger, 25-year partners in Life Purpose

With 22 years of full-time professional experience (& over 20,000 hands read and counting), Ronelle Coburn has extensive graduate, counseling, and teacher training with Richard and Alana Unger and has helped pioneer the teaching of LifePrints Hand Analysis. She’s written one of only two publisher-published books on life purpose and fingerprints (Life Purpose Now: It’s In Your Fingerprints) and has taught hand analysis to students from all over the planet.  You can feel confident in your training and enjoy the credibility that working with the founding source institute confers.

You want small classes, personal attention, and no travel necessary at a tuition that won’t bust your budget.

We are 100% devoted to HANDS! Reading hands, researching hands, teaching hands, making our full living with hands, and promoting this innovative work so as many people as possible can live their best lives.  Our passionate focus on hands gives us the highest expertise and mastery in…hands and human psychology, of course!

You want to get Everything you need to succeed”  We teach you Keys to Great Readership you can get nowhere else.

What You’ll Discover

Learn Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School from fingerprintsIn our time together you’ll discover these keys to accelerated personal evolution and how they work together to advance and challenge you on your life’s path:

Purpose/Soul Psychology—Fingerprints—Your Road Map for Life

  • What Is Life Purpose (and what it’s not)
  • Intro to the Soul Psychology Cycle (intertwined workings of Purpose, Lesson, and School)
  • Physical Identification of the Prints
  • Decoding the 14 Life Purposes
  • Decoding the 14 Life Lessons
  • Decoding the 4 Life Schools

Personality Psychology—Shape & Lines—Your Vehicle For Your Life’s Journey

  • Thumbs—Manifestation= Intention, Discernment, and Determination,
  • Fingers—Areas of Aptitude and Personal Challenge
  • Finger Settings—Non-negotiable Needs that Must be Met
  • Heart Lines Intro—Your emotional system and relating style

We’ll also cover the following:

  • Delicious Dilemmas: harmonizing the contradictions between Purpose & Personality
  • How to communicate what you see/counseling skills
  • How to take or get inked prints
  • How we can support you as you move forward with hands

Are you ready to wake up to the LIFE you LOVE to LIVE?

Your hands show the way…

Soul Psychology & Fingerprints

YOUR Blueprint For Life

lifeprints hand analysis intensivePhysical Identification: There are four basic types of prints and being able to identify just what you are looking at is the rock bottom basis to being able to decode Soul Psychology. There are Whorls, Loops, Tented Arches, Arches, and Subtype Combinations and they can show up in any combination on the ten fingers. We take a good detailed look at these together using all participant’s fingerprints to practice on so you can get comfortable and confident about identifying the prints.

At Life Purpose Now, we’re proud to have the reputation of being the “sticklers” within the profession on fingerprint identification and interpretation…as in the best at helping you pinpoint the important details of the fingerprints that help you make solid confident identifications.

Soul Psychology

lifeprints hand analysis intensiveWhat is Life Purpose anyway? Is it a job description?

A goal? Is it what you’re “good at” doing?

It’s important to look at what Life Purpose is and what it isn’t so you can relate to your own effectively and help others understand theirs too.

And what are the different pieces of Soul Psychology? What do the Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School have to do with each other?

Nothing in the hands operates separately from the other pieces. Everything is part of a system and a process that is full of relationships that make each person unique. This is one of most misunderstood aspects of translating hands and we’ll start here, right at the beginning, learning to see how the pieces relate to each other to form the whole person sitting in front of you. “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” just like describing a person swimming is not a description of what their left leg is doing, then their right arm, then their hair, then their eyes. We are each like a puzzle whose many pieces form a bigger picture.

Imagine how good it would feel to know, once and for all, who you came here to be and what you need to do about it. Would you like to wake up each day with an empowered sense of what steps you need to take to move more deeply into your most purposeful life? Would you like to live with a basic sense of peace and harmony within yourself? Once you learn to decode the School, Lesson, and Purpose you can start consciously working on your life and enjoy the satisfaction of empowering others to do the same…instead of being worked over by it!

Life Schools

Decoding the 4 Life Schools & their combinations

lifeprints hand analysis intensive
The School is like the type of the water you swim in. Its function is to strengthen you for the trials of your Lesson and the demands and joys of your Purpose. You can’t do either without jumping into the water of your School. Most have one school or a combination of two.

  • School of Peace & Panic
  • School of Wisdom & Waiting
  • School of Love & Misunderstanding
  • School of Service & Servitude

Life Lessons

Decoding the 14 Life Lessons & their combinations


It is nothing short of amazing to have your Lesson identified. All of a sudden you have a name for something elusive that has been with you all your life but you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Your Lesson is your big blind spot and stumbling block. It’s that thing that holds you back and teaches you what you need to learn so you can live your Purpose. Once you know your Lesson you realize there is nothing wrong with you for having a hard time with it. It’s your Lesson! Self-forgiveness and self-acceptance become possible and you can move ahead. Compassion for yourself and others arises since we all have Lessons. You can offer this loving perspective to others. And NOW you can turn your seeming enemy into your greatest supporter because you know what it is and can work on it with conscious awareness and watch as it moves you towards your Purpose!

The Lesson is like your left leg that doesn’t want to kick properly when you’re swimming…but once you figure this out and pay attention to it and work on it you begin to be able to REALLY swim through life.

Life Purposes

Decoding the 14 Life Purposes and their combinations

Your Purpose is a life description not a job description. Your Purpose is the kind of swimmer you’re built to be. It is your essential self yearning to express itself in everything you do, say, and think. When you live in your Purpose you feel securely anchored no matter what is going around you. You reap the certainty of knowing who you are and what you need to do to express it. You get connected to the raw beating heart of your life, find your place in the world, and connect in a deeply meaningful way to your work and in all your relationships. You can relax into yourself and move through your life with more ease, clarity, and confidence.

Together we’ll discover:

  • Master of Results/Success
  • Family/Community
  • Leadership/Influence
  • Life of Passion/Advocacy
  • Business/Setting Things Right
  • Mentor/Coach
  • Artist/Performer
  • Innovator/Maverick
  • Messenger/Mass Communicator
  • Healer/Inspirational Communicator
  • Master of Peace & Balance
  • Master of Wisdom & Advising
  • Master of Love & Feelings
  • Master of Service & Sharing

Personality Psychology

Vehicle for Your Life’s Journey

lifeprints hand analysis intensiveIn the Hand Analysis Intensive we get you started with the shape and lines of the hands, because they are ALL about your personality psychology—your unique combination of characteristics that make you uniquely you. In this training we introduce you to some of the easiest to identify markers of personality that show in the hands and how to start comparing the Soul Psychology (in the fingerprints) against the needs of the personality to reduce conflict between the two.

When reading hands, it’s very important to understand that everything in the hands is operating in relationship to everything else. No marker in the hands is working all alone. You must begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together so you can tell the unique story the hands are telling. This is one of the keys to great readership and get your going with, right from the start.

Strong & Weak Fingers = Aptitudes & Personal Challenges

Strong fingers represent areas of natural skill and the focus point of your personality. They help us understand what comes most easily to you and how you are likely to behave in relationship to others.

Finger Settings = Non-negotiable Needs That Must Be Met

Yes! We all have needs and many of us focus our energies to try very hard to get particular needs met—often at the expense of other needs which go very hungry. Either way, finger settings let us know when there is an imbalance in our needs system, what difficult feelings result from this imbalance, and how to refocus attention so we can get our needs met and feel good about ourselves, our relationship to others, and life.

Learn Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School from fingerprints, Ronelle Coburn, Richard UngerThumbs—Willpower, Determination, Manifestation

Thumbs are perhaps our most precious human possession. They tell you no less than your optimum scope of work, how easy or difficult it is to get things done, and how you form your intentions, make decisions, and take action (or not). Thumbs are about manifestation, the process of willing things to happen. When does it make sense to push and when to wait and go with the flow? Where are the blocks to your ability to get what you want? So much of success in life is directly tied to your ability to discern what you have control over and whether or not you take it, as well as what is not up to you and when to let things go.

The thumb is an amazingly rich source of information and we look at all aspects of the thumb and your manifestation potential:

Size: how much energy for doing

Setting: how easy it is to get things done

Opposition: Optimum size sphere best for you

Flexibility: Stiff and “tough types” and flexible “go with the flow” types

Curvature: Emotion or Logic Based

Chakras: Wow! You can assess your chakras right from your own thumbs. No need to meditate for a lifetime to be able to understand just what’s up with your “Ready, Aim, Fire!”

Heart Lines Intro—Your emotional system and relating style

Learn Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School from fingerprints, heart linesYour heart lines are one of the most information-packed of hand features and they’re definitely the easiest line to start out with. What would it mean to gain insight into the four different basic heart styles so you can instantly better understand how to relate to yourself and to everyone else (including your intimate partner)?

You’ll be introduced to the four basic heart styles and their preferred styles of attention and communication:

Passionate: “I know what I want!”

Nurturer: “How do you feel?”

Heroic Stoic: “Keep it simple”

Rational Idealist: “Why is that?”

LifePrints Hand Analyst Intensive

lifeprints hand analysis intensive

  • Weekly Online Video Lectures—learn when it’s best for YOU
  • Comprehensive Workbook loaded with hand print examples
  • Audio downloads of tutoring sessions for extended learning
  • Audio downloads of all lectures for unlimited review and study
  • Powerful personal growth

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This course, the LifePrints Hand Analysis Intensive, is pre-requisite for the Certified Hand Analyst Training.


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