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Training-Certified Hand Analyst

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International Institute of Hand Analysis
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Lifeprints Certified Hand Analyst

Change Your Life

The Lifeprints Certified Hand Analyst Training awaits you once you’ve taken the LifePrints Hand Analysis Intensive and want to go deeper into unearthing the secret inner workings of human consciousness and psychology in a supportive safe environment. You want to inspire and guide others into deep self-knowledge by assessing their hands for their highest potentials and the challenges they face in living them. You want to add hand analysis as another tool in your healership kit or want to start your own LifePrints Hand Analysis practice.

The study of hands empowers your own full potential and gives you profound understanding of the answers to life’s big questions:

    • Who am I?
    • What am I here to do?
    • How do I do it?
    • Where do my success and fulfillment lie?
    • How do I live a life I love and make a living from it?

Diving into the world of hands is a sacred journey that helps you find the beautiful raw beating heart of your life.

The ‘yearlong’ IIHA Certified Hand Analysis Training is for you if you are longing to step directly onto your true life path and embark on transforming your life into one you want to wake-up and live!

Is The Certified Hand Analyst Training for You?

This course covers the entire map of human consciousness written in the hands. It is particularly recommended for healers, counselors, life coaches, and those who wish to gain a fresh new paradigm of human consciousness and an incomparable assessment tool for finding and achieving its highest potential and for those who wish to become professional LifePrints Hand Analysts.

The “year long” training culminates with testing for IIHA founding institute professional certification (Certified Hand Analyst). It covers all aspects of hand analysis:

    • certified hand analyst trainingthe entire hands database and its interpretation
    • counseling/readership/communication skills
    • personalized business support for starting a hand analysis practice
    • full support  in your own powerful personal growth process

certified hand analyst training

Are We For You?

  • You simply want the BEST LifePrints Hand Analysis training available anywhere delivered directly by seasoned certified professional IIHA Master Hand Analysts and IIHA Master Teachers. We are honored to be among a select few who are sanctioned to teach IIHA programs and confer IIHA certifications. We uphold the high standards and student-oriented curriculum developed by the IIHA over the last 36 years.With 18+ years of full-time professional experience (& over 18,000 hands read), Ronelle Coburn has extensive graduate, counseling, and teacher training with Richard and Alana Unger and has helped pioneer the teaching of LifePrints Hand Analysis and written one of only two published books on LifePrints hand analysis (Life Purpose Now: It’s In Your Fingerprints).
  • You can feel confident in your training and enjoy the credibility that working with the founding source institute confers.
  • You want small classes, personal attention, and no travel necessary at a tuition that won’t bust your budget.  We give you MORE for LESS.  We truly want this amazing work to be accessible to as many people as possible and therefore keep our tuition rates as affordable as we can.
  • You want mentors who are 100% devoted to hands. Reading hands, researching hands, teaching hands, and making our living with hands. Our undivided passionate focus on hands gives us the highest expertise and mastery in…hands!
  • You want to get Everything you need to succeed. We teach you the Keys to Great Readership which you can get nowhere else.
  • You want to catapult your own personal growth and transform your life in a structured, supportive, nurturing year long program.

Certified Hand Analyst Training

Ronelle Coburn
IIHA Master Hand Analysts & Teacher

  • Lectures are via weekly online video: you watch when it’s best for you!
  • Small group tutoring directly with IIHA Master Teachers. (Offered nowhere else.)
  • Private tutoring directly with IIHA Master Teachers.
  • Personalized business support, if/as you need it.
  • All the support you need to build solid professional skills plus the credibility that comes from being certified directly by the most recognized and respected hand analysis training institute in the world.


Lectures Begin: 2024 To be determined


6,250 USD
Payment plans available. Just ask.
Enrollment Deadline: To be determined

Pre-Requisite: LifePrints Hand Analysis Intensive
(or equivalent from non-IIHA programs, contact us if you’ve taken another program and you’re interested in gaining founding institute certification).

For more information and to apply, please download course info and review and then schedule appointment below to make sure this course is right for you.

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