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Lifeprints Analysis immediately lights up your life with:

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practical life tools
powerful personal growth
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Ready to discover YOUR specific Life Purpose and Personality Psychologies and how to work with them (instead of being worked by them)? You can start with in-depth personal consultations or  with a DIY approach with a simple identification report and reading about your Life Purpose in the book.

Private Consultations

Get a fully integrated view of who you are. Strengths, challenges, and sticking points. Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and how to navigate the most direct path to a meaningful life through your unique Life Success Formula.  Whether you are at a crossroads, in a transition, looking to change your life, seeking deeper understanding of self or relationships, wanting to get unstuck, or simply wondering how to step up to the next evolution of your life, nothing beats private consultations and the holistic perspective they provide.

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Life Purpose Now Report & Book

If you want to get started on your own, you can learn your Life Purpose and read ALL about it with a simple interpretation report and 10 pages of practical information on each aspect of it in the information-rich Life Purpose Now book.

PLUS: Get the Life Purpose Now Quickstart Videos for FREE.

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Learn scientific hand analysis and human psychology and personality.
Effectively interpret the most complete map of human consciousness to help others change their life for the better. Forever.
Whether you want to read hands for your own personal revelation and growth, help friends and family open up their lives, and/or read for others professionally, learning HOW to read hands changes your life and everyone you read for forever and for the better.