LifePrints Hand Analysis and Is There Such A Thing As Psychic?

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Life purpose, richard unger, palm reading, ronelle coburn, palmistryPrologue: Am I a psychic reader? Well, usually I answer with a VERY emphatic, annoyed, defensive, peeved “NO!” But my aversion to this word has challenged me to get curious and do some investigation about what it really might mean and whether or not I can make some peace with it. Given some redefining my answer now is “maybe.” It’s becoming a word I can start to embrace internally (if not externally due to the common conceptions of what it means—at least I’m not offended by it anymore!)…

I just never stop being amazed at the accuracy of what’s in our hands using LifePrints hand analysis and the power this information has to change our lives through quick shifts of consciousness. Over and over again I get the thrill of surprising people by translating the Instruction Manual for Life found in their fingerprints-and it is EXTRA fun to read for those who are curious, but deeply skeptical because of their prior ideas about hands (i.e. psychic palmistry).

But over the years I have been upset, over and over again, by people I read “accusing” me of being “psychic” because I can identify and describe their lives to them with 100% accuracy from the patterns found on their hands and in their fingerprints.  Some have even come back to me and said that something I “predicted” came true…when all I did was describe the natural outcome of repeating habits they were already in (but they weren’t aware of).

LifePrints Hand Analysis: Offers Much More Than Traditional Palmistry

Recently I did nothing more than identify a new friend’s prints and have her read the chapter in my book about her Life School and a few days later she called me up and said “HOW could you know so much about me? How can there be so much packed into my little tiny fingerprints?! It’s like you’re psychic or something!” Every time I see her now she tells me about more “ahas!” she’s having about her life, her relationships with others (she’s Service & Sacrifice), and the role she is playing at the center of it all. One lovely light bulb of realization after another is going off for her and it is so delightful to witness her contemplation of potential new decisions she can make and actions she can take that can change things for the better in her personal life and also free up her energy to grow her business.  It’s such an honor to get to be a positive catalyst for change!

But it used to bother me (a lot!) when people I read thought I must be psychic because I can translate the language of their hands accurately for their purpose and personality and talk to them about precisely where they are at on their life’s path. In general I’m a very rational person who hasn’t believed in all that woo-woo kind of stuff. And while I consider myself quite insightful, due to being able to perceive and interpret patterns of subtle signals other people don’t notice or aren’t paying attention to, until recently I never considered that maybe that’s what intuition and being “psychic” are really about. Noticing things others don’t and understanding the pattern they make and what’s likely to happen next if those patterns continue being repeated. It’s like understanding that 1 + 1 = 2 and that 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 and that 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 and being able to figure it out at a very quick glance because I know it so well that the entire process of adding things up has become automated (unconscious and rapid due to much practice and experience). To someone who cannot read numbers or do math, the ability to know how many apples you have and whether there are enough for the people at hand before passing them out, seems like magic or maybe “psychic.”

Now, THIS is a definition of “psychic” I can get behind! And it explains why we all have the capacity to be “intuitive.” There’s nothing very mysterious about it (though I know everyone likes things that are mysterious–so sorry if I’ve spoiled any of your sense of fun). And because I have read so many thousands of hands over so many years and been “accused” of being psychic over and over again (while protesting and showing people that they too could learn to read the hands just like they can read a book) I don’t really mind it so much anymore. In fact, I can now recognize that it’s one of the ways my clients and students tell me that I’m really very good at what I do and I can enjoy and take in the compliment.

And yet I  still have to admit that there is a mysterious component to intuition…often one friend or another will pop into my thoughts and then they’ll call within a couple of hours.  Even today…someone I know socially, but who’s never contacted me directly, entered my mind as I pulled my car into the garage…then he texted me about an hour later.  A couple of days ago I was headed to a store I go to regularly and I always take the same route, but a little something nudged me to turn a block earlier and I cut through the neighborhood and there was a piece of furniture I have wanted to get, sitting out for FREE in front of someone’s house.  You bet I stopped and got it and sent a little thank you up to whatever that intuitive psychic thing is inside there.

Coincidences?  Perhaps.  But these kinds of things happen regularly enough that it’s hard to chalk them up to random chance.

And then there are all the markers in the hands that indicate intuitive skills or “psychic-ness.”  What can I do with them?  I see them regularly because people who have “psychic” markers are also people who are interested in the deeper meaning of life and the underlying hidden pattern of things and they decide to get a life purpose hand analysis because they desire more information about their own inner workings. So, I’m often confronted with Lines of Clairvoyance, Stars in the Moon (aka Gifted Psychic), Third Eye Stars (Gifted Seer), and a form of the head line we call the Persephone Headline (line representing how the person’s thought processes works that takes a dive into the the area of the hand all about deep meaning and insight).  How the heck do I explain them?  Because I see this evidence of humans being “psychic” and hear about their experiences (as well as having my own) I’ve really had to question my own ideas about what it means to be intuitive or psychic and open up and investigate (which is what I believe those of us who are skeptical should do: find out for ourselves instead of dismiss something without question—pretty irrational thing to do!).

So, is there such a thing as psychic?  Given my new definition of being a person who can identify subtle clues and cues and their patterns and make sense out of them my answer is now YES!  It has to be since it’s what I do with people and their hands every single day.  Who would have thought that learning and practicing LifePrints Hand Analysis would make some kind of “believer” out of me IF we use this kind of definition.  But I’m still a skeptic at heart…the brain neuro-scientists are now finding out just how much of our brains operate without our conscious awareness (most of it), so we all have this brain power that’s working on our behalf all the time and we have no direct access to it!  I’m sure that has a lot to do with what we perceive as intuitiveness or being psychic.

As for the rest, I’m open to observing and learning more.

Do you have any interest in being “accused” of being psychic through understanding people through the entire map of human consciousness that lies in hands and fingerprints?  If so, check out the next distance-based IIHA LifePrints Hand Analysis Training with the Life Purpose Academy.

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  • Ronelle, i love these videos, and in this case, the article as well. Thank you!

    I also struggled with the word “psychic” in my practice, but have also made peace with it over time. In the past, I was more comfortable with “intuitive”, but over the years I’ve learned to follow the push from the universe during a reading. FYI-I have Gifted healer markings, a whorl on the lunar mount, line of clairvoyance, and a couple stars on the lunar mount (plus an “iffy” star on Neptune).

    Especially in my shorter readings, I’ll trust my intuition to guide me to the most inportant information in the hand at that moment. What does the client need to know right then? Sometimes I just know things that aren’t specifically in the hand (for instance, knowing a child has two daughters, or feeling a strong emotion coming from the client ), and it just spills into the reading naturally. I may get a little “extra info” in a reading, or I may not. Either way, the hand itself is the best guide and “messenger” for the client.

    It does still annoy me when someone says “what am i thinking then” or wants a message from somone who has passed over, I’ve learned to be patient and explain that it doesn’t work that way for me.

    From your article, It appears you have some psychic indicators in your hand. Are you comfortable sharing the markings you have that may be the source of your gift?

    • Hey Debé!
      Happy to share…I’ve got Third Eye Star, Stars in the Moon and Line of Clairvoyance (this one comes and goes…a literal indicator of my reticence about it). Also a LOT of line activity feeding into and out of the Moon area and watery hands in terms of shape (all that osmotic permeability—blessing and curse, of course). Oh…then there are the Stars of Neptune as well. Egads! I haven’t put them all in a list like this in this context before. It’s all kinda glaring, isn’t it?! Then there’s the Desire Pollution…

  • I really enjoyed this article, because I seem to have a lot of skeptical people in my environment, and to mention anything that sounds remotely ‘woo woo’ seems to bring out a lot of defensiveness. In addition, it seems that many religious people have a real challenge with hand analysis–somehow seeing it as ‘from the evil one’ or something. This immediate jump to fear is a challenge for me to handle, but it is also, I think, a good training ground for accepting others’ viewpoints without feeling the need to change them, or, conversely, being able to hold my own space and have integrity about what I have come to know. I do try to tell people that this is science-based, and that I don’t wear a turban or live in a caravan–that hand analysis is predictive only to the extent that you will continue to do what you’ve always done unless you decide to change it.

    I don’t consider myself terribly intuitive, but do have a Persephone headline, and have thought a lot about spiritual matters throughout my life. It seems to me that a great deal of intuition has to do with simple awareness, an ability (as you said) to integrate what we see consciously and what we feel unconsciously. As that awareness grows, it gets easier to hear the whispers and act on them.

    Thanks for sharing what has shown up in your own hands. My word–looking at all of those gifts, which one have you put in the position of ‘lead singer’?

  • Hi Ronelle,
    Great article and video. I also have experienced an increase lately, in what you referred to as ” a mysterious component to intuition” and have taken notice and focused on it more. As I ” believe” in it more, it occurs more. Practice and more practice.
    I always thought of myself as intuitive, but used the phrase ‘sense of knowing’ and have trusted this within me which has proven itself again and again, but not always in the moment. There is a delay or catch up component, that ‘aha moment’ later that day or so. I think part of that is because of my heart line style, the intertwined link between emotions and knowing and the senses.( and I would also add that pesky lesson in there as well) This is my understanding thus far.
    I do have several of the markers in my hands, but are they working together? Through my further awareness, I think they will.
    Of course, reading a person’s hands helps me to put their story together, but also when I talk to someone face to face, their body language mannerisms that I observe, helps to strengthen my intuition that much more.
    Thanks again for your posts, I always learn a lot from them.

  • I loved the article. I have a few such markings in my hands as well, including moon stars, line of clairvoyance, neptune star, and some pluto markings. This is such a great subject. Thank you for bringing it to light!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed our conversation the other day, especially the part about “being psychic.” Science has proven that we actually share electrons when we are in close proximity to another person. I wonder if that information changes the way you feel about “psychic.” :-)

    • Amethyst: Very much enjoyed our chat too. Science is finding underlying explanations for so many things we just haven’t had the ability to investigate and understand…and I love it! So many discoveries being made about DNA and behavior and the epigenetic stuff (switching on and off of genes due to environmental conditions—and then those changed genes getting passed on to the next generation who might well live under different conditions, but retain the adaptive behavior commanded by the changed genes) is just mind blowing. Gonna go look up more about the sharing of electrons…pretty amazing stuff! Excited to hear about it…thank you!