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LifePrints Online Training

lifeprints hand analysis training

lifeprints hand analysis training

lifeprints hand analysis training

Lifeprints Hand Analysis Training Overview

Are you ready to learn Lifeprints Hand Analysis to read fingerprints and hands for both Life Purpose and Personality Psychologies? Or have you already begun your training in Richard Unger’s revolutionary LifePrints System of scientific hand analysis and want to advance your understanding of the hands database, readership, and/or counseling expertise? Either way, you are in the right place. Our comprehensive training programs, accredited by the International Institute Of Hand Analysis, are designed and optimized for online learning and intended for serious students who want to learn to read the complete map of human consciousness found in the hands.

1. IIHA LifePrints Intensive Hand Analysis Training

Begin Your Journey

In this first hand analysis course, learn how to read fingerprints for Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School (the Soul or Transpersonal Psychology).

We’ll also teach you  the essential basics of the Personality Psychology found in the shape and lines of the hands.

Right away, you’ll start to make powerful transformational changes in your own life and spark them in the lives of others.

This curriculum-rich Lifeprints Intensive training is much more than an “introduction.” It’s a breathtaking journey into the depth and breadth of modern non-predictive hand reading.  Discover the hidden secrets that are hidden in plain sight in everyone’s hands.

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lifeprints hand analysis training

2. IIHA LifePrints “Year Long” Certified Hand Analysis Training

Change Your Life

Learn the entire database of the Lifeprints System and advance in the powerful personal growth journey you’ve begun. Gain access to the the entire map of human consciousness written in the hands. Develop your readership skills and engage in the personal mentoring essential to becoming the best hand analyst you can be.

This hand analysis training program requires NO TRAVEL and provides an exceptionally deep and distraction free experience.  Due to the decoupling of lecture and tutoring time, material can be covered both in higher quantity and more thoroughly than in other class formats.  Because you view the specially-design online lectures when it works for you, you get 3x more tutoring time.

Hands, personal growth, and professional business training, all taught by the most experienced and qualified teachers in the world.

Weekly online video lectures are on your schedule, and both private and group tutoring sessions are held monthly. We do everything we can to assure you get everything you need to succeed on your most personal self-discovery journey through this “yearlong” training.

Pre-requisite: IIHA LifePrints Intensive. If you have studied with non-IIHA certified teachers of LifePrints, you may qualify. Contact us for information.

3. LPA Post Graduate Hand Analysis Continuing Education

Evolve fully

You’ve taken the CHA and want to continue the development of your hand analysis skills to become the best reader YOU can be through advanced training. If you are a graduate of any LifePrints Certified Hand Analyst Year Long program, join us to both deepen and broaden your understanding of hands, human consciousness, your database and readership skills, and your own life!

LPA Post Graduate Continuing Education: Online Lectures

Keep Going, Keep Growing

Ready to Dive Deeper and keep growing your LifePrints Hand Analysis prowess?  Choose from 32 made-for-online lectures on a wide variety of topics that will keep you advancing your database, readership, counseling skills and—of course—your own personal and professional growth.

Learn With Us

• Learn With The Masters of LifePrints Life Purpose Hand Analysis, IIHA Certified Master Teachers Ronelle Coburn and Janet Savage, the first to develop comprehensive online training for IIHA Lifeprints Hand Analysis.

• Most of our LifePrints Hand Analysis training courses are distance-based and conducted via web conference. (Janet teaches the Level One Intensive In-Person and on rare occasions Ronelle will teach an in-person course outside of the US.)

• There is NO TRAVEL REQUIRED for our distance-based trainings.  You can save your resources for studying and reading more hands.  You need only a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer.

• All of our IIHA courses are accredited by the source of LifePrints Hand Analysis, the International Institute of Hand Analysis, and taught by IIHA trained instructors.

• You get the MOST direct personal attention in our programs than in any other training. We work with you in small supportive groups so you get what you are looking for (and so much more).

• We keep our tuition rates as low as we can in order to make this amazing work truly accessible (worldwide) to as many people as possible and to perpetuate Richard Unger’s work intact into the future.

• We support the continuing work of Richard Unger and the International Institute of Hand Analysis by paying a percentage of all tuition fees back to the IIHA.

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