High Flying Blind Palm Reading Pegs Life Purpose & Personality

The validity of Richard Unger’s IIHA Lifeprints Scientific Hand Analysis is being put to the test!

500HP-Brent Brunning-Hand Analyst500 Hand Project-Life Purpose Palm ReadingThe 500 Hand Project is the ambitious brainchild of IIHA Advanced Hand Analyst, Brent Brunning, who obtains the hand prints of highly accomplished people, has IIHA-trained Master Hand Analysts read them blind, then shares the results side-by-side with his interviews of the subjects and text and diagrams of the interpretation of the hands.

Brent invited Ronelle to participate by doing a blind reading of the hands of two men who have been working together for 15 years. The only thing she knew going in was that they were business partners of some kind. Did Ronelle and IIHA Lifeprints Scientific Hand Analysis pass the blind palm reading test? Find out for yourself…

Pilots’ Hands Reveal Their Soaring Humanitarian Potential

“Solar Brother” Pilots, Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, Set Out To Inspire A
Clean Energy Future By Engineering And Flying Their Solar Impulse Plane Around The Globe

Editor’s Note: Ronelle had *NO* idea whose hands she was reading when making the analysis below. She called them “two peas in a pod,” “soul brothers,” who are “idealistic visionaries,” working on some kind of space program engineering or on sustainable projects like “drinking water for everyone.” In fact, they call themselves “Solar Brothers” and they’ve built two solar powered planes to fly around the globe to inspire the people of the world to use solar energy.

Ronelle Coburn’s Interpretation of “Solar Brother” Pilots Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard

Palm Reading Purpose Of Life

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These two are a couple of “peas in a pod,” “Soul Brothers,” “Brothers in Arms.” They almost look like they could be blood siblings (but not quite, I think). Their “attraction” to each other is that of similarities (rather than that of opposites), both in strengths as well as having similar blind spots.

The first thing that concerns me is the stress/burnout showing in both their hands (white spaces and white broadening of the major lines). These guys both have a LOT of natural endurance and stamina, but it looks like this quality has been pushed over the limit and for quite a while now. But is either of them really aware of it? Crash and burn possibilities are here for them individually and collectively with whatever they are working on. It’s been a huge amount of work to do what they are doing.

It’s the natural idealism of these two that keeps them going, despite the challenges of their project. I find myself calling these two “Practical Idealists,” which would mean, that at their best they could have an inspired vision for engineering a solution to some problem that needs real help in the world (or engineer a way to bring attention to it) and bring their collective ingenuity, inspiration, creativity, and and dogged determination to something quite large and actually accomplish some big things for it.


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On the challenge side, I would be concerned that they could be overly idealistic and try to do too much at once, bite off more than they can chew, and then be frustrated that neither one can solve the problem of how to mitigate this joint tendency (because they have common blind spots around beliefs in enduring hardship—working harder, but not necessarily smarter—and not being as realistic as they each need to be around practical resource issues. Is there enough funding? enough time? enough help where they need it? what’s a reasonable pace to work at? can either of them organize these things well? They both are behind on feeling deserving—low set Saturn finger issues—and the burn out in both their hands added to this gives me concern about self-care for themselves along the way. We’ve got stuffed feelings fingerprints for Andre (stay too busy to take care of/”love” myself) and Mr. Not Enough fingerprints for Bertrand (DOUBLE possibility with his low-ranking prints & composite whorls) + LT Thumb Lesson of “Can I Nurture Myself?” With throat (speaking-up) trouble in both men + those low-set Saturn fingers + Endurance Lines + Loyal Soldier (in hand shapes and heart lines + Nurturer heart in Bertrand’s RT + Star of Saturn in Andre’s LT + Bernard’s Service/Sacrifice/10 whorls) there is quite a set-up for being poor at asking for help, support, at least as much as is needed for their big visionary work. This is what they must contend with to achieve what they are striving for.

Even if these guys are doing quite well on the surface, I imagine they both need to face their fears (to the next level) of being weak/vulnerable/undeserving around going MUCH BIGGER in the reach out for help/support with their endeavor and in getting the self-nurturance and R&R they each need. To do the thing that is as big as they are after takes a HUGE amount of support (remember that the top 10% of the pyramid is held aloft by the 90% below it).

We’ve got a collective Life Purpose of Success in the Spotlight through Heartfelt Inspirational Service here. For that these guys need to keep moving beyond their original “Loyal Soldier” personalities to become the leaders who can put themselves as far out in the public eye as necessary to share their engineering solution to the humanitarian problem they find so compelling.

500 Hand Project-Bertrand-Piccard-Ronelle-Coburn

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As to what exactly their big endeavor is, I can only surmise: They are so conceptual/”in the sky” that I wonder about space program stuff or satellites or even really large-scale idealistic-to-practical things like clean drinking water for EVERYONE in Africa type of stuff (like the charitywater founder, Scott Harrison, in the United States—amazingly inspirational, visionary, community-oriented in all aspects and engineering is literally involved with the sustainable environment-appropriate water systems that are put in and then managed by the Africans in their own communities).

To sum up on the challenge side: I would hate to see everything they’ve worked for collapse due to exhaustion or the deterioration of their working relationship due to burn-out…or at some point even boredom with each other because they are so much alike. It is essential for them to have others on their boat who can lend the organizational and “line it up, knock it down” manage-the-admin-details qualities as well as PR sociable types who can be gateways to managing the public for them. Do they have enough of these people helping them yet? And, if so, why are they each still so stressed out?! Big endeavors take huge energy and are stressful and these two are up to the task!

500 Hand Project-Solar Impulse Plane and Team

Solar Impulse Plane in Hawaii after record-breaking flight with engineer-pilots
Andre Borschberg, Bertrand Piccard, and Support Team on July 3, 2015.

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  • Nice summary, Ronelle. Looks like you nailed it. Wondering re: each role. Andre appears to have more fire in his hands and wide open thumb – add that to loops and he’s out there wowing the world with their accomplishments and vision and those who he encounters leave excited and amazed and “feel good”. Bertrand as more of the loyal is making sure the back ground/practical day to day stuff is being handled. Just wondering…..

  • Hey Janet! I think they both definitely have some fire (both in lines and/or shape). What’s interesting to me about what you noticed is that Andre is flying the planes and he’s the one with the wider open thumbs. (but then Bertrand has also flown around the globe in a balloon as well, hmmm.) Bertrand has been running ground control for this year’s mission, but they both are in front of media, in photos, interviews, engage in social media, etc. But the basic idea of your observation seems accurate in terms of Andre in the air and Bertrand on-the-ground.

  • Hi Ronelle,

    . Betrand’s hand are showing that he looks a little more exhausted than Andre and was needing support at that time. I wonder if the confidence issue ( stress?) line shown the right hand middle jupiter and the adrenal fatigue shown on top section of his right hand jupiter and saturn fingers have resolved if he has taken the time to rest – now at six months later it would be interesting to find out,