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Are We Coming Back To Life?

Is The “New Normal” Finally Here?

I don’t know about you, but in the last few weeks I finally have a sense of a “new normal” kicking in. It’s as if my brain is coming out of the shock and thick fuzzy fog it’s been in since the pandemic began. As someone who usually wakes up excited about life and ready to get up, get going, and get things done, it’s been an extremely frustrating time. Waking up feeling overwhelmed and like I’ve “lost the plot” has not been my idea of “good times.”

And I knew from the start that once we could all move forward again into something that more resembles our usual busy lives it wouldn’t be an instant party, but a big long up and down and sideways adjustment.

But knowing something and living through it are two such very different things!

Experience includes having so many uncomfortable feelings and having to endure them and wait out the entire process. Adjustment has it’s own timeline that operates according to how our own unique physical, emotional, and psychological systems operate on all levels. Each of us may go through the same general arcs and categories involved in the adjustment to change, but the way our individual systems cope and calibrate can be radically different.

For those of us who are “extra sensitive” to everyone and everything around us, this process can simply take longer. And for those who were impacted more heavily, in terms of loss of work and income, isolation, health, loved ones, relationship upheavals, and/or because of the stronger trauma of living in places where covid hit hardest, or working in fields like medicine and education, adjustment can take even longer.

For those still working at home, I’m hearing about many having a hard time with how differently life is shaped and the lack, particularly, of positive feedback and the camaraderie of having co-workers to rely on, collaborate, and commiserate with. Working with a lack of feedback can leave you struggling in a bubble with an inaccurate view of yourself and how you’re actually doing and how dys/functional things are within an organization. When you only hear about what isn’t going well, it’s all too easy to think you aren’t doing a good job.

And still, the picture can be, and IS, even more complex than this for most when you add in the “usual” trials, difficulties, and crises that happen in life, plus the larger events of our times such as climate change, political extremities, economic uncertainty, and on and on.

When we go through such hugely uncertain times that change the world so much (especially when our personal world is heavily affected), it’s natural to fall into a crisis of meaning that feels like it’s never going to end and to find ourselves wrestling with the big questions of life. When our brains can’t see a way out, or project into a more certain future, there’s a layer of heaviness and bewilderment that takes time to dissipate as the circumstances of the world and our lives become more regular, stable, and predictable again.

So really, we are all grappling with living through extremely turbulent times and doing the best we can.

As circumstances stabilize, we are excited to get going again with our offerings and want to let you know about them in case they may be of help to you during your adjustment.

If you’re feeling super fine again, I hope you are enjoying it.

If you’re still struggling, I hope you’re being kind and patient with yourself and getting the support you need.

And if we can be of help in helping you with understanding yourself and navigating your life during these times of change, please let us know. We are here for you as we all keep doing our best to live our most meaningful lives in such turbulent transformative times.

My incomparable colleague, Janet Savage, is teaching the next Online Intensive coming up in October while I work on new programs. The online lectures were created and recorded by me and Janet guides you through the course material and your personal Soul and Personality Psychologies in your hands through one-on-one private tutoring.

And the next Certified Hand Analyst course will start in late January.

See details below!

Lifeprints Hand Analysis Intensive

It’s a great time to learn MORE about who you are, what you want and need to be doing, what gets in your way, and how to work with it to turn it into fuel to propel you into a more meaningful life.

In this training you get to take a direct and compassionate look at your life and what makes it tick and gain the most important thing you can ever have: your unique personal formula for full life fulfillment.  Through studying how to read fingerprints for Life Purpose and Lesson, as well as discovering how you make decisions and use your willpower, and your Emotional Style and what makes your heart happy you truly discover the Instruction Manual For Life you were born with and can take charge of living your best life.

This course teaches you both to analyze and interpret the core wealth of biologically encoded information about you, found right under your nose, in your own unique fingerprints.

Once you know what your fingerprints have to say you can move forward without the confusion and wasted time and energy of guessing at it.

When you learn to interpret this information for yourself, you can then also do so for others in your life, helping you both to gain incomparable self-understanding and rock steady life direction.

Certified Hand Analyst Training

You want to learn ALL about yourself, your life and how to read Life Purpose and Personality Psychologies for others with the flexibility of training designed-for-online, coupled with comprehensive support for your entire journey. This course is truly transformative.

The CHA starts late January 2023. Read about the course and contact me if you’re interested. The Lifeprints Intensive above is pre-requisite.

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There are finally (finally!!) 37 Watch Any Time Postgraduate level lectures available individually and in discounted build-your-own bundles.

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