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Robin Williams, ronelle coburn, untapped movie, soul purpose
Comedian Robin William’s suicide at the age of 63 came as a shocking sad surprise for so many. Though he has been forthcoming over the years about his struggles with alcoholism, it may be difficult to really take in and understand how serious and dark his troubles were because he is a very funny guy…one of the most famous and acclaimed comedians of our time. How can someone who is so funny actually be so depressed and lost and just so hard on himself that he has spent most of his life wanting off of the planet and trying everything he could to keep himself here? One of my favorite William’s jokes, explaining mens’ fascination (and feelings of powerlessness) with women goes along the lines of…”men spend 9 months trying to get out of their mothers…and the rest of their lives trying to get back in!” In a way, this joke says it all about him and the central painful truths of his feelings about his own existence and his sense of separation coupled with a longing for connection.

Scientific Hand Analysis and Comedians

For several years now I’ve been researching comedians and their hands in the moments I’ve been able to steal here and there. While in the car listening to public radio a few years ago I heard an astute interview with a comedian about his obsessive-compulsive disorder and how common this issue is among comedians. It hit me…OF COURSE! Comedians are so funny because they openly talk about the things that are forbidden, socially unacceptable; they find a way to poke at the dark truths of our lives…the things that ARE NOT FUNNY or are not allowed to be. They are the Fools of the modern era, constantly undressing the socially sacred untouchable topics, particularly the social morés that rule our lives and are the unquestionable law of the land, the politically correctness that keeps us straight-laced and under society’s control. They also poke at uncomfortable truths, our preconceived ideas that we are reluctant to change. Comedians make us laugh at the things that hurt us the most, but we are not supposed to talk about, question, or change. They are the Court Jesters of life who open us up, keep us real, help us to take ourselves less seriously so we can take the RIGHT THINGS more seriously and more to heart. They are amazing compasses pointing us right at true north of the forbidden truths so we can change ourselves and the world around us…often for the better.

RobinWilliams, soul purpose, ronelle coburn, hand analysisNow, I know there are all kinds of humor…some of it gets really mean or really gross or sarcastic unto the point of being hurtful. Some is just the opposite and stays very light and fun and seemingly innocuous. And the bottom line is that anything that is funny has a dark truth at the middle of it, something that hurts, something that we just don’t want to look at. Comedy is all about the dark painful stuff that circles menacingly just below the surface with a little piece poking up, just like sharks. Comedy dredges it all up into the light so we can be en-lightened. Comedy is rarely innocent or light and fluffy…no matter how much frosting seems to be on top or how “clean” the joking seems to be. Think about the jokes or comedy routines that make you laugh the most and take a moment to find the dark central truth that is being poked at that hurts.

So, what does this mean for the comedian? Well, they are people who live with an acute awareness of the pain of life, the things that are wrong with the world, the things that are just flat-out wrong. Most comedians are very harsh judges of what they deem wrong and want to make things right according to their own world view (and sometimes this is where humor can get very mean and demeaning, no? Think Polish, dumb blonde, and sexist jokes; all which disparage entire groups of people). Can you imagine what it is like to live with this strong a sense of what is WRONG all the time? With yourself, with other people, with society, with politics, with the brutal facts of living life on Planet Earth? If your system is so serious and so attuned to the dark side of life all the time how do you cope with it??? The dark omnipresent underbelly of life is depressing, demoralizing, heavy. Living with such a strong sense of judgement and being unable to fix it, even in your own life, is just hard. One person cannot correct all the ills of the world and it hurts. Being in constant touch with the weight of the world is enough to put anyone into a 24-hour never-ending lifelong crisis of meaning.

Comedians handle this by making “fun” of it and sharing this with the rest of us so we can better cope as well. They are some of the most despairing people in the world and comedy is a defense against despair. Comedians counterbalance gravity with levity, darkness with lightness. They make us laugh while we fully look at something and feel the pain of it. And this is something that has the power to transform us and the world by bringing sacred cow politically and socially forbidden subjects up into the light where we can look at them and reconsider them and our relationship to them. So, just below the surface, comedians are some of the most serious personality types of all mixed with some form of cleverness, whether it be the ability to spout “hot air” (be witty and scathing) or just quick and sharp in their observations and their ability to communicate them to others.

Robin Williams was no exception to this. When I first saw this cast of his right hand through the lens of scientific hand analysis, my first thought was, “Oh no! What a mess!” and then, “Yep.”

Robin Williams, ronelle coburn, untapped movie, soul purpose

1. Large Closed Diamond Below Middle Finger: this is the first thing that drew my eye and I still can’t stop looking at it. Closed boxes or diamonds in the line structures of the hands are areas of “imprisonment” of feeling stuck, trapped, fixed into place, restricted, quite literally “in a box and I just don’t know how to get out.” And the location of this large diamond/box under the middle finger would indicate a deep sense of heaviness due to an inescapable awareness of the harsh realities and limitations of life and being trapped with a view that sees what is wrong with everything (the root theme of the middle finger is right and wrong and trouble in this area is always about some imbalance in one’s sense of what’s right and wrong). Someone with this marker could have an intense awareness of the limits of existence (i.e. the fact that no matter what we all do, “no one gets outta here alive”).

2. Short Middle Finger: If you look at some of the regular pictures of Robin William’s hands (there’s one below) it’s easy to see that his middle finger is shorter than it “should” be. We call this the “Rebel.” When this finger is short the owner is again challenged around a balanced perception of right/wrong. Owners of this marker don’t want to have to follow the rules set by society. This gives them a different perspective from the rest of us…where we see “should” and “must” and “have to” the Rebels question “WHY?” Why do these rules exist and why can’t I make up my own? Sometimes this works very well for the owner as it can give them a constantly questioning perspective that wants to challenge the systemic unfair hypocrisies that often exist in the structures and rules of the world and constructed human systems in order to set things straight. We talk about these types being “Rebels With A Cause.” They want to change the rules to make things more fair for everyone. (there are plenty of criminal types with short middle fingers too, of course, who are “rebels without a cause” because they just want to break the rules and be above the law “just because.”)

Another aspect of this finger that applies to both of the above markers is related to one’s sense of self-esteem. When we follow the requirements of life appropriately and take care of the “business of life” by taking care of ourselves and being reliable for others we feel good about ourselves. With the above two markers the cumulative downside would be a sense of being trapped and worthless…literally “short on self-esteem” and stuck forever feeling bad about self with no way out, no matter how well-loved or respected you are, no matter how successful. None of it can really get inside that box and open it up and free you of the pessimism of being trapped. When things are “off” with the middle finger and its territory the result is often a feeling of living in a void, lost in space, with no sense of direction.

Robin Williams, ronelle coburn, untapped movie, soul purpose

3. Large Venus Mount: Now this is where I started to really say “uh oh!” On the upside, owners of a nice plump Venus Mount are warm and charismatic and very attractive to others. They have an ability to live right now in this very moment with an intense presence and can be absolute life lovers with a remarkable generosity and an amazing creativity. And this makes perfect sense for anyone who is famously beloved by others…the owner’s magnetism and kindness and sense of fun or outright allure can be irresistible.

But being a Venusian also indicates a strong desire for pleasure coupled with a wish to avoid pain blended with a need for very intense physical experiences. (quite a cocktail indeed: hence I like to refer to this area as “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll”). And the more Venus there is, the more all of this operates. Ta dah! Enter the possibilities of over-indulgence and addictions. If you are someone with all the pain of a pessimistic perspective that has you living in the depressive void AND you have a high need to avoid pain then it is very natural to turn to substances to try and feel good and minimize feeling bad and to escape it all for any time possible. Any relief at all, PLEASE, especially when nothing else works.

AND, of course, after the intense feel-good physical/emotional high you are left feeling physically horrible (your emotional pain has just been transmitted to your physical body) and you become imprisoned by your addictive substance(s) of choice. This continues to tear down your self-esteem and self-worth and leaves you feeling helpless and trapped in a very hard-to-break cycle that gets worse and worse.

4. Separated Long Pinkie: People with long pinkies are quick, sharp, and clever. They have an ability to observe themselves and the world around them with shrewdness and can often perceive more than the rest of us. And yet, what is interesting about this marker is that there is often a big blind spot somewhere in their perception that relates to understanding other people and being able to communicate their deep vulnerable feelings. Cleverness operates as a defense against vulnerability. Feeling sad, bad, mad? Make a joke about it to keep it distant, whether it’s about your own feelings or others that threaten to hurt too much.

William’s pinkie (about connection and communication) is also standing apart from the other fingers, indicating both an independence of thought and unique stand-apart perspective, but it goes too far and is actually “aloof and alone” and very isolated from others and even some of his own deep emotional places (too painful?). In fact, it is so aloof that the face of the top of the finger is turned away from the thumb (not something I’ve seen much). It’s as if his tendency to look away from connecting with others is so strong that he can’t use his willpower (represented by the thumb that the pinkie is turned away from) to overcome this behavior and he is left utterly alone with his depression, low self-esteem, the sense of being isolated and trapped with himself and his rule-breaking perspectives as well as being stuck within his own need to escape the pains of existence. The pinkie is actually turned toward the “inner world” and shows that he can’t stop looking at the pain inside.

RobinWilliams, soul purpose, ronelle coburn, hand analysis

5. Doubled Mercury Line: One last marker of note makes me wonder about the inner sources of William’s pain. When this line is doubled it usually indicated two inner voices and one of them is the voice of a critical parent that just won’t shut up and is easily confused with the owner’s own inner voice. Did Williams live with a never-ending inner radio telling him he’s worthless and can never get anything right? Was it something that was implied? I just made a visit to Wikipedia to see what it has to say about his upbringing and see his parents were both high achievers who were so busy that a maid was his main companion. Hmmmm. Very interesting…

RobinWilliams, soul purpose, ronelle coburn, hand analysis

So, this wonderful tortured funny man the world loved:

A Wild Charismatic Rebel with an outsider’s perspective and clever expression who could make us laugh at ourselves and the pains of life AND…

A lonely lost trapped man who couldn’t open up his inner box of experience and connect deeply with others in a way that could relieve him of his pain.

The complexities of human life and consciousness are often bewildering and it seems that Robin Williams was all of the above and it was all tied together in a way that he couldn’t be one without the other. His intense funniness grew directly out of his intense pain and his unique stand-apart perspective on what it is for all of us to be human. I’m so sad that he couldn’t stay with us longer and yet so glad that he is out of the severe pain he was clearly imprisoned with. While he was here he sure made a helluva lot of lemonade outta the lemons of life and I salute him for it and find myself shedding tears both of pain and joy at his death. And I am so grateful we have so many images of his hands to help us understand more about his comedian’s experience of life. Thank you for making us laugh at the craziness and pain we all carry in ourselves and the absurdities of the world, Robin!

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  • Ronelle- Thank you for sharing this piece on Robin Williams. So fascinating and educational.

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  • Ronelle, are you referring to the large closed diamond as the one formed by headline, heartline and the 2 mars attack lines?

    • Yes Kiran! I am referring to that diamond (where the #1 is sitting). Do you have thoughts about it too?!

      • Thank you for confirming Ronelle. No, I infact never thought of it this way! Have to keep an eye on this.
        Just wondering,If a person has 2 fate line running in parallel and pointing towards Jupiter, they would form a diamond shape b/w heart line and head line. Will this be treated in the same way?

  • Hello Ronelle ! I jsut finished to read an autobiography
    Of Robin William …feeling fascinated by his makeup
    In there it was just a compilations of articles . It gave
    Somewhat a view of his life . Now I am understanding much better
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