Living On Purpose! Fresh & Feisty At Fifteen With All the Right Problems!

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Ronelle Coburn, Richard Unger, hand analysis, best lifeWow! It’s been FIFTEEN years of living my Life on Purpose full-time through being in business as a Life Purpose Hand Analyst. Fifteen years, a long and stretchy full third of my lifetime, of eating and breathing and talking with hands and their owners. Fifteen years which have gone by in the blink of an eye. Fifteen years full of firsts (and then seconds, and then thirds on some things): Marriage, networking, public speaking, divorce, many travels to take hands new places, book contract and book writing, four wesites, national television, four moves, hiring consultants, hiring an assistant, business partnerships forming, business partnerships breaking-up (another kind of marriage and divorce), magazine features, 11,000+ hands read, teaching, teaching, teaching, bending technology to pioneer distance-based training from scratch, refining my message, and all along the way one amazing human being after another and being invited into their lives through hands. Many things have happened and changed, but hands and what they have taught me have remained throughout it all.

As most of you know, I’ve been in a deep period of reflection this year about where my life and business have been and just exactly where they want to go next. It’s been a huge time of impatient re-evaluation and and I’ve had to hang-out and listen while the forces that drive my deeper self do their work to re-arrange me so I can be ready for what’s coming next. I’ve often raised my hand in the air and said, “I’m willing! Let’s go!” It’s been a time of enforced surrender and trust in which I’ve been considering what I’ve learned, who I have become, what I have to let go of some more, and what qualities I need to embrace in order to fully embody the next bigger evolution of my Life Purpose. And there is some sparkly light at the end of the tunnel as I approach it, but it sure isn’t what you’d expect.

If there’s one thing that stands out, it’s that my commitment to doing my Life Purpose, NO MATTER WHAT SHOWS UP, has resulted in me feeling extremely privileged to mostly have what I call (drumroll please…) “The RIGHT Problems.” Ta dah!

I can hear you out there right now. “WHAT?! Did you REALLY just tell us that, after fifteen years of full time work on your life purpose hand analysis business and life you are EXCITED about having PROBLEMS?”

Well, um, er, YES!

Living My Life On Purpose!

Life purpose, learn hand analysis, best life, richard unger, palm readingHave you noticed that there are ALWAYS things that need to be done? Things to take care of? Problems to be faced? Unexpected things that come up? Mistakes that are made? This is Planet Earth, the Land Of Problems. Problems to be solved. Issues that can’t be ignored. Pesky tasks to be completed. New things to learn how to do. It’s the Land of Everlasting Change. I don’t know about you, but every day I have to figure out a lot of things. Decisions have to be made and actions taken. What to eat, how to get that stain our of my favorite blouse, and how did that rat get into the kitchen anyway and how am I gonna get it out? How do I tell my friend she pissed me off? How do we fix the latest computer tech issue? What programs, services, and products should I focus on and offer? (so many ideas, so little time) How much can I actually get done in each day? How can I manage to sit with my dying friend four days a week while she’s still here and get this article and the product launch done? And what about that kitty hairball I stepped in right out of bed this morning? All of these are the everyday problems of life and they are GREAT TO HAVE because they mean that I am alive and kicking. Still. Today!

So what is a problem anyway? The first definition is: 1. difficulty. And yep, that fits. But I love the second definition and realize that it better fits the way I approach things: 2. puzzle to be solved.
Life is FULL of puzzles to be solved (aka “problems”). Every minute. Every day. It’s just the way of Life on Planet Earth and no one has a free pass (nope, not even you! (<:). Given this, the pertinent questions are:

• Can you surrender to the fact that you can’t eliminate problems from your life?
• Can you see these problems/puzzles as a positive motivating force that doesn’t let you go to sleep at the wheel of your life?

And then, can you take a good hard look at these questions:

• Do you have the RIGHT problems in your life?
• What is the number and nature of the WRONG problems lurking around your corners?

I find this to be an extremely powerful lens to peer at my life through.

It helps me to focus on what I can do to get the RIGHT problems and puzzles into my life and the mindset to appreciate them so much that I embrace them as the sacred Perfect Puzzles they are and it is wonderful that I have my very own to wrestle with!

And, of course, the measuring stick for having the Perfect Puzzles is whether they are the problems of DOING MY LIFE ON PURPOSE (and working my Lesson and School and personality glitches and Gifts) or of avoiding my highest potential and my own personal challenges. Do I have the Perfect Puzzles of continuously growing into my Life Purpose and of facing my Life Lesson? I am so happy to report a giant YES! It is often not at all easy, but when I hang through it and keep taking whatever next little step I can I’m amazed at where I find myself down the road. And dealing with my problems feels more manageable because taking on the Perfect Puzzles leads me directly into my Right Life.

I used to have Pesky Problems ALL THE TIME…and when they show up on me now they are my red flags on the road of life that I’m about to drive off the road and get into major miserable trouble and have to waste my time and precious life energy getting myself back out of the ditch.

What about you? Do you know what the Perfect Puzzles of your life are? The ones you can take on with confidence, even if your knees are shaking along the way? Do you know what your Pesky Problems look like so you can recognize them when you’re about to run your life off the rails or you are off-track to begin with?

There are consequences to living a life on purpose and consequences for avoiding your purposeful life. When you are working on your Perfect Puzzles—the problems of living your Purpose—your efforts are not wasted, they move you in the direction of deeper meaning and delicious fulfillment. Your problems become interesting puzzles to solve. When you are struggling with your Pesky Problems you are just spinning your wheels fruitlessly and, even worse, digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole.

I did this exercise with myself of evaluating my Perfect Puzzles and Pesky Problems as part of my life re-evaluation process and it was very reassuring since there were more Perfect Puzzles than Pesky Problems.

Life Purpose—Successful Healing Messenger in Business & Spotlight
Life Lesson of Worthless Powerless Voice
Life Schools of Peace + Wisdom—aka School of Courage

Ronelle Coburn, Richard Unger, hand analysis, best life

Puzzles or Problems?

• Business Growth of 15-25% per year for 5 years—Ak! More help required! I’ve outgrown my Do-It-Yourself Thumb and arches take over and it’s overworking land and my Life Lesson says I don’t want to have to be “the Boss,” and can I relax and take a vacation? These are the Right Problems, the Perfect Puzzle pieces of managing success and keeping life in balance.

• Waking up anxious in the night—Wow! This is no fun at all when it shows up, but I have arch fingerprints so it’s to be expected. In fact, I am loaded with the double-edged sword of equally fearing both material failure AND material success. When I am succeeding—as I have been for years—part of me becomes afraid that some other “shoe will drop” and it will all collapse. Hasn’t happened yet, but having my archy security fears surface actually tells me I am headed in the right direction and I know it. So, I do a lot of deep breathing and petting of warm kitties in the night to sooth myself until I go back to sleep while reminding myself that the fear I’m feeling is a normal part of my process. Puzzle Pieces for sure.

• Dark Night of the Soul—Uckiest of ucks. I’m on purpose, cranking away and this shows up. Say what?! Isn’t that illegal? Isn’t living your Life on Purpose “happy ever after land”?! Nope, it’s a living breathing process. And this crisis of meaning has come with a big serving of some of my warning “Wrong Problem” signs of apathy, depression, and particularly health-related fatigue issues. I used to live with these three as my constant companions for many years until I got my life on purpose. They are practically my “familiars.” So, here they are to warn me again. The question has been, “about what?!” Well, I do have the Spotlight life purpose and my business has evolved so that it is mostly distance-based and I’m not in front of in-person humans so much these days and I MISS IT. (Did I really just say that I miss Public Speaking?! Yep.) So, now that I’ve got the physical causes under control (it’s the hormonal change time of the 40s as well…) I’ve made plans to get “out and about” again to do some public speaking, including applying for a “fun” event here (get this! Five minutes in front of an audience of 1,000 with fifteen slides) in my hometown where I can introduce the “general public” to hands as well as an easy-to-get speaking gig at a wellness expo and I’m looking at more in-person contact in 2014. When you’ve got that Artist/Spotlight Life Purpose and/or Gift Marker (I have both) you just aren’t allowed to sit behind the phone and computer for too long without paying for it by sinking into the morass of apathy. Web video is great, but it just doesn’t cut it entirely. Pesky Problems for sure! But solutions are easy to find if not entirely reluctance-free on my part, so “just do it!”

Overall, I look at the Puzzles and Problems I have as “growing pains.” Remember when you were a child and your bones would ache at night because everything was growing so fast it actually hurt? My mother and grandmother would say, “Don’t worry, it’s okay, it’s just growing pains.” They were absolutely right and there are emotional and spiritual growing pains as well as long as we keep evolving and striving to live a fully conscious life. They are a good sign.

Soul purpose, Ronelle Coburn, Richard Unger, life purpose

I want to thank you for being a part of a journey I never expected to go on and that I wake up to and am thankful for every day…even and especially for the Puzzles and Problems of living my most purposeful life. Here I am, at 15 years, fresh and feisty, deeply fulfilled, and going strong!

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  • Congratulations, Ronelle! And thank you so much for your insight and example of living full out! Hugs and love!

  • Dear “F&F@15” ~ Ronelle, you’re headed straight into “Sweet 16” as a most colorful transitional Monarch, here in the wonderful Puzzle Mosaic of Life! As you show your colors, the world shifts…and each of us plays a hand. Thanks for this splendid celebratory piece and finest wishes as you in your Artistry continue to cross the thresholds. Kudos from Apollo T

  • Ronelle,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight about your trials and tribulations. I can feel your upbeat enthusiasm for life and respect your willingness to share this honest heart expression of living your purpose and confronting and living your lessons. I love how you can bring your story into a perspective of simpler terms that everyone can identify with. My best to your next phase of the journey.

  • Ronelle,

    I love you so much. Your enthusiasm and transparency are beautiful, compelling and inspiring. I keep getting more in the spotlight too, hope my slip isn’t showing or ….really I need to let it and not care.


  • Thank you for reaching out to your local and worldwide community in celebrating your successes, and in sharing your challenges!

    This is inspiration for the rest of us. I am somehow thrilled when I recognize the missing puzzle piece in the hand of someone else, it reminds me of our inherent connectedness. I love your idea of embracing the problems of life, as I learn to welcome the stretch into growth via unplanned ways.

    I wish you the very best as you transition into new times. And hopefully more vacation as time of re-creation,

    Thank you again for your enthusiasm and sharing,
    Mary Anne

  • Finally got a chance to read this. Realize when I am doing doing doing, I miss the “sit down with my favorite beverage” and soak up the wisdom of others. This was so you and do edifying for me. Thanks for sharing your self – gremlins and all. Looking forward to more.

    Your friend and colleague of many moons….Hugs,

    ~ Janet