Meet Ronelle

Since 1998 Ronelle has devoted herself exclusively to the science and art of LifePrints Hand Analysis. She’s helped over 20,000 healers, cultural creatives, artists, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innerpreneurs discover their Life Purpose so they can live lives of exceptional personal and professional fulfillment and passion. As a founding institution Certified Master Hand Analyst and Master Teacher she’s trained hundreds in Richard Unger’s revolutionary LifePrints system and developed the first—and only IIHA sanctioned—online distance-based LifePrints hand analysis training programs. By having your fingerprints and handprints translated in a consultation session or learning how to read hands, you can easily gain clarity and direction in how to fully use and express your intelligence and talents and learn powerful tools to make your life and the world a better place. It’s simple: Your particular Instruction Manual for Life is written directly on to your body in the form of your unique fingerprints. Just imagine: by using your own personal life map, you can STOP GUESSING about “who am I and why am I here?” and instead take focused direct steps to start living consciously…


Ronelle specializes in helping those who are ready to take action on their own behalf. Are you eager to take direct action to make real changes in your life? Are you ready to know the blueprint for your passionate life that has existed since before you were even born? Do you want to know how to live life so that it’s meaningful? Well, you’re carrying it around with you, written directly onto your own hands! Ronelle’s specific expertise is in translating this calling of your soul into practical, concrete, everyday forward steps.


  • ‘smart with heart’
  • talented but unsure of how to ‘pull it all together’
  • seeking to restore faith in yourself and find the confidence to claim meaningful work, relationships, and life
  • looking for answers about what your life is all about
  • want to make a difference in the world
  • have tried to walk a “normal” path and suffer for it…no matter how hard you’ve tried to make it work
  • entrepreneurs and “innerpreneurs”—you have or want to start your own business as an expression of your purpose and gifts
  • committed to incomparable personal growth
  • want to do your own thing and make an impact
  • “sensitive” and trying to unleash the strength of your sensitivity
  • interested in psychological and spiritual development and a deeper connection to self, others, and the world
  • know that a conscious life requires a conscious you
  • enjoy taking responsibility for your life’s direction by taking direct action, even when it’s hard
  • tired of ‘towing the line’ and ready to free yourself from other’s ideas or expectations
  • want to give yourself the best chance of living the most meaningful life possible


  • all of the above PLUS…
  • seekers who want to be supported in a safe structured intensive personal transformation process
  • healers, counselors, life coaches, and creatives/intuitives who want a direct and time-proven way to help others find clear direction and claim powerful personal and professional growth
  • healers, counselors, life coaches, and creatives/intuitives who might like to start their own independent consciousness raising business

My work with hands and my bestselling book, Life Purpose Now: It’s In Your Fingerprints, have landed me in some interesting and unexpected places and in front of some interesting hands! I’ve been honored to get to advise many people, from spiritual seekers and healing professionals to exotic dancers, corporate heads, and the hosts of NBC’s The Today Show. It’s my joyful passion to help you discover and live your most meaningful life in the midst of a bewildering world and to support you in the breathtaking discovery and journey of your particular purpose and gifts. You can find yourself waking up to the LIFE you LOVE to LIVE!


I went through a complete career crisis meltdown and physical illness in my early 30s when I attempted to find a job that was a better fit for my talents…and failed. I was doing good help-the-world work in energy and environmental issues, but the meaning drained out and I became depressed and frustrated because I was not in a situation that allowed me to fully express my own purpose and gifts. After leaving my next help-the-world job for the same reasons, I came across hand analysis when a 100-year old book fell off the psychology shelf in a bookstore. Then two different people whose hands I read (from reading the book, just for fun) asked if I’d heard of a revolutionary reader of hands named Richard Unger. I didn’t wait for a third person to mention Richard—I picked up the phone and made some calls. I’d received my spiritual marching orders and I heard them loud and clear even though they did not fit my preconceived notions of myself. I felt compelled to take action, despite my reluctance and skepticism about anything that could be related to palmistry. For once in my life I knew being “practical” and taking the conventional path just wouldn’t work any more.

After completing the Certified Hand Analyst training at the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) with Alana Unger, who was then co-director of the Institute, I dove headlong into my full-time professional practice and continued my graduate hand studies and teacher training with both Richard and Alana Unger. Since 1998 hands have taken me around the world both as a consultant and teacher of hand analysis.


As I’ve developed my own successful practice I’ve had the joy of teaching others hand analysis so that they too can share this powerful tool of transformation with the world. Over the years, I have taught many of the well-known professional hand analysts in practice today (including Janet Savage, Nadia Tumas, Pascal Stoessel, Alice Funk, and Baeth Davis) and have completed the highest levels of training in both LifePrints hand analysis and its teaching:

  • Tutored and taught for 4 years under Alana Unger
  • Completed 7 years graduate training with Richard Unger
  • Certified Master Teacher (a Teacher of Teachers)
  • Former Faculty Head of the IIHA
  • Former Director of U.S. and Distance-Based Training for the IIHA

After many years of teaching experience, I’ve found humor and compassion go a long way in guiding you into the deeply insightful world of the hands—the doorway into the raw beating heart of humanity—and into the very core of yourself for an unparalleled journey of self-discovery. My sole aim is to help students bring out the best in their lives and experience the incredible potentials and rewards when they hold strong to a belief in themselves and their Life Purpose. As a Master Teacher and as a former Faculty Head and Director at the IIHA, I played a key role in the development of the curriculum, structure, and standards the Institute uses to train students in the transformational process of hand analysis.

To make the IIHA’s LifePrints training available to more people like you, wherever you live, I created and developed distance-based hand analysis training programs and offer them today through the LifePrints Intensive and Certified Hand Analyst Training. You can make hand analysis your full-time profession, add it as an adjunct to a helping profession you are already engaged in, or learn it for your own powerful personal growth.


In addition to breaking ground for hand analysis through speaking and taking hands to conferences all over the place, I’ve also founded the Human Hand Project. The project’s mission is to replace millennia of anecdotal evidence regarding the interpretation of hand shape, lines, and fingerprints with evidence-based research into the relationship of the human hand with vocational choices, personality traits, and the uniquely human quest for life meaning. The more we understand about hands and how they help us live our right lives the more people can be helped to find and live their most fulfilling life!