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Now, with the PROVEN SCIENCE of Hand Analysis, learning your Life Purpose is simpler and faster than it’s ever been.

Stop struggling trying to figure it out alone. Instead, find out how to quickly gain the self-awareness to launch yourself into a life of greater fulfillment, deeper meaning, and the joy that comes from the freedom of being your true self.

Whether you are looking for what makes your life most satisfying, improve relationships with others, make a career decision, or how to take your life to the next level, your very own fingerprints and hands, hidden right under your nose, can show you the way.

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richard unger founder lifeprintsinternational institute of hand analysis“Ronelle is an absolute expert on helping you learn your life purpose so you can live it. what could be more important than that?”

Richard Unger, Founder | LifePrints Hand Analysis
International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA)

“Ronelle has been incredibly committed to me and to my success. Her patience as a teacher has helped me to grow and create a successful business as an Advanced Certified Hand Analyst.”

Nadia Tumas
IIHA Advanced Hand Analyst

“When Ronelle looked at my fingers and said that the most important thing I could do was focus on that one thing, and that my life’s purpose was to be a Master Communicator with a Message to the World, I was relieved and challenged. I am forever grateful.”

Beth Barany
Author & Book Writing Coach

“Ronelle did a session for me at a very transformative time in my life. It was RIGHT on in helping me to clearly see my life purpose, the things that get in the way of my achieving it, and made my road crystal clear. It is amazing how much is right at your fingertips and Ronelle is a master translator.”

Micki Grimland
Owner & Chief Psychotherapist
Southwest Psychotherapy Associates

“I had a reading with Ronelle six years ago and it was amazing, insightful and life-changing. It helped to clarify so much for me that I sensed, but didn’t have words or a framework for. Ronelle’s clear and practical analysis made a profound difference for me and instilled me with confidence to move in a direction more in alignment with who I truly am.”

Shannon Jackson Arnold
Life & Creativity Coach

“I cannot sing your praises enough. My decision to formally study hand analysis with you has proven to be the most significant positive investment in myself of my life. Your ability to clearly disseminate knowledge as a master hand analyst, coupled with your straight-shooting teaching style, continues to guide, inspire and support me, and countless others, as we discover our deepest selves and use this science to play it forward as professional hand analysts.

I already had a life long interest in hand reading, had read countless books on the subject, and read many hands as a hobby. However I’d never fully grasped the way our hands inform us of our deepest challenges and greatest potentials. By choosing to study LifePrints Hand Analysis and become a certified hand analyst, I solidified my ability to apply the language of the hand and positively change my own life. I understand my purpose and personal obstacles to embodying that purpose. My work with you has made me work on myself in ways I could have never imagined, and by working on myself I’ve increased my ability to guide and support others in doing the same. For this I am forever indebted and thank you. “

You are a brilliant teacher, a caring mentor, and a straight talking, kind-hearted messenger doing incredible work in this world. It is my pleasure to recommend your training, your book, and your hand reading abilities to anyone seeking answers about how they may manifest their best life. I’ll add that working with you and LifePrints require a commitment to work on one’s self, and that work is not easy. However, it is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done and continue to do on a daily basis. My countless clients and I thank you for your positive impact on our lives.

Derrick Little
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Hawaii, USA

“I first trained with Ronelle ten years ago when I did the Lifeprints Intensive training course. Several years later I was able to enroll in the Certified Hand Analysis (CHA) year-long training. Since completing the CHA training I’ve been part of a group of hand analysts, led by Ronelle, that meet monthly online to talk hands, develop knowledge, and share information. This training and ongoing professional development, supported by Ronelle’s vast knowledge and experience in hand analysis, has been invaluable to me in developing the skills, insights, and more importantly, the confidence to take hand reading beyond the level of a passing interest, and a hobby, to the level of a paid semi-professional hand analyst. Ronelle is a patient, considerate teacher who works hard to look after the needs of her students and deliver a high standard of training that provides everything you need to become proficient in the study of this fascinating subject.”

David Clarke
IIHA Certified Hand Analyst
Isle of Skye, Scotland

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