5 Reasons to Find Your Life Purpose

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whats my life purpose
If you haven’t discovered your Life Purpose, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by the CDC, 40% of Americans have not found their Life Purpose.

As Socrates said, “Know thyself.” Learning and fully exploring your unique Life Purpose is the most profound way of learning about yourself.

Why Not Live Your Life on Purpose!

1. Self discovery-Do you have a friend who has always known what direction they are headed in life? They have the career, family and social all dialed in and there is a sense of utter completeness in their life? This can be frustrating for the majority of us who have either lost focus or haven’t had clear direction personally, professionally or some combination of both. Finding out what truly makes you tick and following through on it is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

life purpose hand analysis and relationships and love

2. Meaningful relationships– Do you have difficult relationships with family and/or friends? Do you find yourself longing to be understood by those around you? Perhaps you want to cultivate deeper meaning with your partner, children or colleagues? Discovering and exploring your life purpose and personality preferences gives you greater clarity into your own style of communication and  how to better express yourself and understand others.

health, life purpose, happiness, peace3. Physical and mental wellness– We all know stress kills and a positive outlook lends to better health. But, no amount of “positive thinking” can change your circumstances. Living your purpose gives you more control over your life and your happiness. A recent study conducted with elder Americans, indicates that people living with purpose, had significant increases in physical and mental health well being.

life purpose at work4. Satisfying work– Considering the average American spends more time working than any other activity, how we work is very important. For some people, learning their Life Purpose has inspired an entirely new career. For others, it has enhanced their experiences within their existing professions by learning more about themselves and how they relate to the outside world. These folks have gained a new perspective on where to go next in the work they already have. Any way you slice it, living consciously with your life on purpose creates more personal fulfillment inside and outside of work.

life prints life purpose hand analysis and money5. Money– The marriage of money and meaning, that is! Most of us know intellectually that money can’t buy happiness. Money can’t buy us a sense of purpose, or buy us love, or give us a deeper sense of meaning. Money is important, but we all know, “Money isn’t everything.” Only finding and living your purpose will help you to become your more authentic self. Whether living your Life on Purpose readjusts your career path or not, living a life of meaning will affect your relationship to both yourself and your exterior world, including your relationship to money.

how to find my life purposeNow what? You yearn to find your life purpose but where to begin? You’ll find no crystal balls from learning your Life Purpose through hand analysis. Instead you’ll discover LifePrints Scientific Fingerprint and Hand Analysis: the only way to easily know your Life Purpose for certain from your own unique fingerprints. No more dead-ends, no more frustration, and no more guessing—just Pure Purpose and the most direct path to the life of deep meaning and fulfillment you’ve been searching for.  Ready to stop guessing and start living your life on purpose?

-Ronelle Coburn author of Life Purpose Now and expert at guiding people in finding their own Life Purpose