Hand Analysis Video- ASK Ronelle Coburn- Stuck in the Mud

Jun 19, 2013 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Hand Analysis Video

A subscriber asks: “I’m stuck in the mud! How can my hands help me?”

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  • I love this series Ronelle, and you were spot on. One other thing that jumped out at me was with the Artist life purpose, the inverse would be creative blocks/rejection fear. I could see the client going into the inverse because they can’t access their emotions properly, as you illustrated.

  • Hi Ronelle,

    You are so very direct in naming and explaining things that first I get surprised by it. :)

    And then when you go really deep into what you mean by them I feel really enlightened about many things.

    Like today about Venus and stuffed feelings and love but not just love, tough love and being true to oneself.

    Thank you for another episode full of insights.

    Much Love

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