LifePrints Hand Analysis and When Life Gets Tough: Taking Risks Yield Rich Rewards

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life purpose, hand analysis, fingerprints, Ronelle CoburnLife can get tough for any number of reasons, whether your own internal resistances, challenges, sabotages come up, or daunting external events arise. Either way, it’s no fun for a while—you’re stuck or life falls apart in some unexpected way and you’re left wondering “what happened?!” and “what’s next?!” You thought you knew what you were doing or where you were headed and suddenly you hit a wall. It’s as if frustration, bewilderment, and a sense of powerlessness have tapped YOU to be their best friend.

What can you do when tough times show up? Well, sometimes you do just have to sit down right where you are for some time while your head is spinning about it all. Life didn’t turn out to be what you thought you wanted or expected. Everything turns upside down and you don’t know which way is “up” anymore. All you can do is take a lot of deep breaths and roll with it until this big dark wave passes over and you can surface again. There’s no choice you can make except to surrender and hold on the best you can.

But short of having this sort of total dark-night-of-the-soul breakdown, what about when things get tough and your life won’t let you stop in your tracks because you have to make a living? Or you aren’t anywhere near complete wipe-out and you want to help yourself keep going in the right direction despite feeling bewildered, because life somehow missed the curve in the road and derailed somewhat?

Sometimes life and its challenges are hard and you want to keep moving in the right direction anyway, even if you feel like you’re crawling up a hill on your hands and knees telling yourself over and over “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” like the train in the children’s story The Little Engine Who Could.

I’ve found two things that keep me going through the most difficult of times and when I use them consciously I always get through, no matter how tough the times are:

1. Knowing my Life Purpose and Life Lesson and Life School from my fingerprints makes a huge difference. You could’ve guessed I’d say that, so I’m not going to say too much about it except that it’s an amazing mighty staff of support to be able to understand what’s happening, from a larger perspective. To know who I am in such a deeply anchored way that a storm can shake me, but not shatter me entirely. To have the eagle’s eye view to guide me as I go through my very human emotions and still know “which way is up” even when I feel completely upside down and bewildered. “In purpose I trust” is pretty much my motto these days because no matter what happens in my life I always know that it’s moving me in the direction of my purpose, even when, in the moment, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

2. Taking risks that are also fun is what I really want to talk about here…and here is where that trapeze comes in. Last Fall I had to make a very tough decision during a very difficult time in my personal life. And that decision was made in a haze of confusion and bewilderment due to the surreal circumstances pushing it. I made the decision, got through the chaos that had to be gotten through to make the change, then was left feeling bereft and awash even as I managed to keep functioning in my every day life. After all, it’s been a booming time of business and I have many commitments to keep to many people, not to mention I’m the only one who pays for my living.

What did I do to help myself out? I decided to take a risk, doing something that is literally risky as well as fun, that is related to my Life Purpose, but on the surface is unrelated to everything else I do everyday in my life. I hopped into a trapeze class which is very physically demanding. Over and over again I’ve found that getting involved with doing something that requires sustained physical effort and risk, but has a component of fun, pleasure, and enjoyment, helps me out immensely.

Now, just why would taking a risk and having fun help anyone through a tough time? Well the fun part is obvious…at least I think it is. Tough times are heavy and having fun lightens things up a bit. But taking a risk of some sort? What’s risk got to do with getting through a tough time? Well, I find that doing something that is risky and challenging in one area of my life, helps me out with things that are difficult in my everyday life and in my business life, which always involve taking risks.

First off, doing something that takes risk usually involves getting very focused, very in-the-moment. When I’m on the trapeze it demands so much of me physically and mentally that I can’t be anywhere else but present in the moment. Total focus is required to get my body to do what it’s supposed to do and to push beyond what I thought I could do. Total focus is required to breathe into the fear of balancing up on my toes on a little bar a full nine feet off the ground. While I’m on the trapeze I get a break from all the bewilderment of my tough times and I’m reminded that things will not always be this tough, they’ll pass. I also get to practice doing something that requires total commitment to keep moving forward and the fun and joy of accomplishing something I never thought was possible for me. And at 43 years old, being able to hang upside down from a trapeze helps me understand that I am always capable of much more than what I tend to believe.

What’s been especially instructive for me is to repeatedly find that I then carry the fruits of taking appropriate risks with my body out into the rest of my life. I find I can focus better, take risks in my business because they don’t seem all that scary after all, stay committed to anything else I do that requires more effort than I thought I could make (and also, not balk at making that effort). I also keep being reminded that when you pair taking a risk and making an effort with a reward that it becomes easy to associate risk-taking and doing the work it takes with the pleasure and enjoyment that are the fruits of my labors. And further to this, that the work and effort and risk itself eventually become a large part of the thrill itself.

Now, I’m not saying you have to go take physical risks like I do. The physical component of it matches my Life School, which is the School of Peace (for those of you who know what that means). Risk taking comes in all shapes and sizes. For instance, another risk I’ve taken that seems very small but has had a large impact for me during this time has been switching to a very bright color of nail polish! Of all people, I’m the very last one who would have ever thought something as seemingly frivolous and superficial as nail polish could make any kind of difference in my life, but it has. How could that be risky? Well, given that I’ve spent much of my life trying to be invisible, making myself visible is a big deal and I keep growing on this score. It’s what bright nail polish represents that’s the big deal risk for me because it ties into the challenges of my Purpose (Success in Spotlight), Lesson (Powerless Communications), and School (Peace=Fear of Annihilation). All this equals fear of annihilation if I show up and communicate myself to others. Who would’ve thought that wearing an eye-catching color could poke so many buttons? But it did until I adjusted to it. It’s literally been a visual bright spot that I see constantly all day long. Ten little scraps of shining hopefulness and cheer. And, to my utter surprise, every day when I go out someone else has been enlivened by it and admires it and smiles and there I am making a connection with a complete stranger and not feeling so lonely during my tough time!

So, as you face your tough times, whether they are the inner challenges of working your lesson and stepping up to your purpose, or external events of your life show up as sharp rocks or big gaping holes in the road of your life, what can you do to take a risk somewhere in your life and have fun with it so that the experience readjusts your sense of what’s possible for you? What small or medium or large risk can you take that flies in the face of your tough time…like it’s a form of you thumbing your nose at it while you keep telling yourself “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” What risk can you take that can challenge you a bit and help you uncover a little bit more of what’s possible for you and looks like a little piece of one of your wildest dreams?

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  • Love the inspiration for taking risks in a physical way while dealing with big life changes. Thank you!

  • Ronelle, I’ve been right there with you throughout the “best of times” and “worst of times”. COURAGE. This really is your badge based on your fingerprints and based on, well, YOU. So glad to be working with you through it ALL.

  • I pondered your words, something was triggered inside.
    It is encouraging to hear about your personal inner fine tuning and the resource tools, in your hands, as reminders for the journey.

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