Living With Purpose- Celebration of Criticism or “I LOVE Criticism and Why You Should Too!”

Mar 27, 2009 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Life Purpose

Most of us would rather be complimented than criticized, but I fell in love with rejection recently, thanks to a particular critic with the anonymous handle “DJ712”, and think you should consider it too!

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  • Well, I, for one, am applauding! Great video, Ronelle, and you’re just radiant in it!

  • Dear Ronelle, I love your view of ‘celebration of criticism’ and as a person who received her own criticism for the very first time a couple of weeks ago and felt pretty bad about it, I can only embrase it now! Thanx

  • Wow, Ronelle! I’m going to remember your tomato story and if I’m able to react in the same way in the future, I’ll know that I’ve come a long way in healing a significant part of myself. In the meantime I’ll practice ducking.

  • BravaVaVoom! Well said Ronelle. That was very inspiring, and something to remind myself in those times.
    Thank you for speaking it so succinctly. XX

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