LIfePrints Hand Analysis- Star Student Spotlight- Nadia Tumas Goes “Crazy” and Takes Hands to the Doctor’s Office

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Nadia-Star Student

Nadia Tumas is a vivacious firecracker of a woman who called me up about a year ago looking for hand analysis training.  After reading Richard Unger’s book, LifePrints, she was chomping at the bit to learn to read the fingerprints and the rest of the hands using Richard’s system.  From Russia, Nadia has been reading hands intuitively since she was 17 years old and has been through some very large life “adventures” including moving to the U.S. on her own with two children despite not knowing more than a half dozen words of English. Once here (and the story of why she left Russia is an amazing one, just too long to tell here, suffice it to say that she got out of an extremely sacrificial marriage and split) Nadia learned English and trained to be a nurse.  She found a new man, her children grew up, and she did well in her chosen career by moving up the ladder into leadership positions in the medical world

It’s about a year since my phone rang and I’m honored to have Nadia in the certification training course. She is doing stunning things.  Catapulting right out of the gate she has already read 225 people, both in group settings and in private consultations, and exclaims with exuberance and awe, “When I’m doing hands, I’m absolutely in the flow…the words spill from my mouth and I wonder, ‘Where is it coming from?’ Learning this system is allowing me to read and understand and help people at a level I never thought possible!” Her goal is to read 600 sets of hands by January and people are lined up to see her and pay her for consults.  She started charging when those she read began insisting on paying her (and not in small amounts). When people ask Nadia about life purpose hand analysis she tells them, “Your life will never be the same once you find out the meaning of your life from your fingerprints.  It will never be the same.  It’s changed my life for the better and can change yours too.”

If you’d like to see how apparent this statement can be, just take a look at how much Nadia’s hands have changed from the first prints we took of her last October (above) and the ones taken in April (below).

Nadia-October 2008

Nadia-October 2008

Nadia-October 2008

Nadia-October 2008










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Nadia- April 2009

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Nadia-April 2009











Notice the change in posture of the hand (thumb has opened up) and the increased width of the hand and clarity in the lines. Overall, Nadia has gained a strong sense of confidence in who she is and what she can do, as well as a strong sense of direction…and it literally shows in her hands. Last week, she called me up with her latest thrilling news; a doctor she knows was sending his patients to her for Reiki healing (Nadia is also a Reiki Master).  She read their hands as well and the astounded patients reported back to the doctor with such enthusiasm that he called her up and asked, “What are you doing with them?!?!”  After having his own hands analyzed he is now sending patients to her for hand analysis and (as of today) has proposed that she work out of his office.  This is especially compelling for Nadia given her medical background and constant curiosity about the tight connection between mental and physical health. Her bigger vision over time? To take LifePrints hand analysis training around the globe, particularly to those working in the medical world. With her Leading Community Mentor in the Spotlight Life Purpose and can-do attitude I’m sure she will! If you’d like your life to get started with changing for the better, check out the upcoming distance-based IIHA Life Purpose Hand Analysis Intensive. No travel necessary. Just your phone and computer needed. Take charge of reading your own personal Instruction Manual for Life so you can start stepping into the LIFE you’d LOVE to wake up and LIVE!

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