Scientific Hand Analysis and Barack Obama’s Hands

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All Obama Photos Courtesy Obama’s & Other’s Flickr pages and Creative Commons License 2.0 (see below)

So many well-wishers were hoping that I’d get to say a few words about our new President’s hands on The Today Show, that I thought I’d write one.  After all, I was hoping there would be time for this too as he has the most eloquent and thoughtful hands I’ve seen on anyone in my ten years as a Hand Analyst and his hands are notably unlike the other leading politicians.

Fresh Vision with Heart
The most striking thing about Obama’s hands is their narrow width and extreme length.  The overall shape of someone’s hands indicates the foundation of their personality and Obama’s is a combination of the elements water and air indicating a very thoughtful, and even visionary approach to relationships.  We call this combination “Early Mist” because it’s about fresh big-picture ideas rising from the waters of deep understanding.  People with this personality want to communicate (air) the deeper layers of meaning (water)  they find by paying attention to what is motivating people (and groups of related people) at the deepest emotional levels.  This is a powerful combination embodying both the rational mind and the sympathetic/intuitive heart.  When someone with this hand shape can balance the two opposing elements of air (“let’s be rational”) with water (“let’s do what the heart says”) they can then take an objective, fair, and sensitive approach to issues which deeply affect the emotions and people’s relationships.  They are able to strategize effectively according to the real nitty gritty underlying hidden forces that are driving the action.  Early Misters are the philosopher poets of the world and, at their best, don’t retreat permanently because they feel, and are overwhelmed by, the world’s pain, but step up to give voice to the suffering of others so that the truth can be known and justice (“the right thing”) can be done. This central major theme of deep feeling, sympathy, intuition, and psychological insight combined with rationality, objectivity, and a desire for fairness are found repeatedly over multiple markers in Obama’s hands.  For those of you reading who are students of the map of consciousness found in the hands, take a good look at both Obama’s left and right hands to see how many markers you can find which reiterate this theme (a sort of “Where’s Waldo” of the hands: HINTS: curved head-lt & straight head-rt, independent heads + task line tied to life-rt, practical task line in both + moon/inspirational branch feeding in…you get the idea).

Life Purpose, Lifeprints Hand Analysis, Ronelle Coburn, souls purpose

Passionate Heart
Adding a nice boost to taking action, Obama’s heart lines tell us that he has a fiery and passionate emotional system. Notice that the top main line in his hands, starting under his pinkies and curving sharply up to end near his middle fingers, is the strongest line in his hands.  The curvier a line is the more emotional and expressive it is and this is the curviest heart line anyone can get!  We call it the “Gina Lollabrigida” line after the fiery Italian actress of the 60s.  In men we call it the “Gino.”  Obama’s emotional wiring prefers to be outgoing, positive, enthusiastic, “places to go, people to see,” and emotionally intense and open.  His feelings are strong and he feels passionate about his relationships and wants a career that allows him to express the passionate feelings he has. The Presidency isn’t a bad stage at all for this, hmm?  At his best, Obama’s emotional wiring allows him to form intense bonds with others, be very comfortable with the strong feelings others can have, gives him charisma, and helps him show his passion for what he believes in, in a way that motivates the passion of others to “get up and do something!”  His “fire” heart line spurs him to take action on his thoughts and deep insight, rather than just sitting around philosophizing about things and never applying his ideas to the real world. So, when we add things up so far, we’re looking at someone with a Passionate Vision for Relationships.  He’s a rational problem solver (air) with a passionate heart and deep insight (water).

Creative Urge & Big Voice
Obama’s ring finger is long, especially in his left hand, and this denotes high levels of creativity that desire public expression.  It’s a nice addition to the passionate expressive heart line.  With a long ring finger he has a strong urge to offer his creative passionate ideas and insight to the public.  The large knuckle at the base of his left thumb also reinforces this theme.  This is the “throat,” as represented in the hands, and a large one indicates that its owner has a lot to express and an excellent “voice” with which to do so.  When the throat knuckle gets this large we call it the “Management Knot.”  Obama has a strong voice with which to influence others and what they choose to do and, in addition to this, he has a lot of energy to build something out of his life and in the world through his self-expression.

Death Threats & Stamina
All of the pictures taken at the end of the campaign and during the election show a tweak in Obama’s right thumb.  This is called the “grasping” thumb and it show stress in the zone of action-taking.  Imagine the pressures of campaigning for two years straight and then standing up to the expectations of becoming president-elect.  Especially as the first black man to be voted into the highest office in our nation.  Imagine that you’re making history—quite literally—and the entire world’s attention is on you—everyone’s hopes, fears, projections, applause, and hatreds.  There were bullet proof barriers on the stage to protect Obama and family during the inauguration.  His life has been under constant threat for quite some time and will continue to be so.  It reminds me of the kind of threat Abraham Lincoln was under when he had to sneak into Washington to take his post as President because there were so many death threats against him.  It also reminds me of the Dalai Lama’s thumb in the 90s when he was under a death threat.  Obama’s grasping thumb is a marker of security stress at the most fundamental levels.  Fortunately, he has a large strong thumb which indicates a strong will and much discernment.  He also has “stamina” lines which indicate an ability to endure and extras reserves of being able to grit his teeth and be stoic when necessary.  “Stamina” lines are back-ups to the life line (which is not about length of life, but about how grounded you are and the strength of your physical constitution—Obama’s are strong.  Look at the line which wraps around the ball of the thumb area…they’re long and complete.  The stamina lines are the short lines inside the life line closer to the thumb.

Soaring Mind + Rooted in “Family”
Neither of Obama’s head lines, the indicators of what kind of “computer” he has in his head, are tied to his “life” lines.  Remember that the “life” line is NOT about how long you will live, it’s about our orientation to family, group, tribe, and society—how “grounded” are you in yourself and in society in a way that makes you feel safe.  When the head/thinking line is not connected to the life line (this occurs in 80% of African Americans and 20% of Caucasians…another story) the person’s thinking is independent from family/society’s way of thinking.  This obviously has its upside potential and its downside potential.  Visionary thinker?  Or disassociated/disconnected from others with head in the clouds?  In Obama’s case he has a nice balancer in the fact that he has strong life lines.  This denotes a visionary type of thinking (someone who wants to look at the big picture and draw conclusions from seeing the system of things, not overly influenced by society) blended with a strong sense of  “family” or society as a whole.  This combination tells us that Obama thinks big picture thoughts about the whole system of things and how they impact the welfare of society and the world as a whole.

Obama..and the Other Candidates
Obama is truly different from the other politicians in many ways.  Here’s a quick look at the other candidate’s hands so you can literally see the overall differences.  The predominant hand shape element for all of the others is fire (lumpy irregular shape = creative, dynamic, enthusiastic, people-oriented).  Clinton has refined skin which shows her refined sensitive nature, Biden and McCain are both blended with earth (“Worker Bee/Right Livelihood” archetype) and Palin’s fire is mixed with water (making her the classic “Steam/Drama Queen” archetype as also evidenced by the difficulty I had in finding a straightforward shot of her always moving dramatic hand).

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Hilary Clinton

LIfeprints Hand Analysis, Ronelle Coburn, learn hand analysis

Joe Biden

LIfeprints Hand Analysis, Ronelle Coburn, richard unger, palmistry

John McCain

Life Purpose, Lifeprints Hand Analysis, Ronelle Coburn, best life

Sarah Palin

Lifeprints Hand Analysis, Ronelle Coburn, soul purpose

Barack Obama

“Something New and Different”
When I look at all of these powerful hands together I think of the old Sesame Street game and song, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same.” In November, the citizens of the United States voted for “something new and different” and they got it in Barack Obama!

Thank you to all Photographers!
All photos used by permission from Barack Obama’s and Other Flickr Photo Streams under Creative Commons License 3.0.

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